All safe at the compound

We’re on the generator, using my cell phone as a hotspot.

Lost a huge red oak, 5 ft in diameter, who knows how old. Hundreds for sure.

Once we fill in the hole from the root ball, I’ll plant another one.

8 thoughts on “All safe at the compound

  1. That a shame on the big oak. We have mostly pine in the hood and they bend, shed branches and drop pine cones like pixie dust on steroids. But I rarely see them toppled.

    The oaks we do have were planted between the sidewalk and the street. And some get toppled in heavy winds, even the massive ones like yours. Part of the problem, of course, is that the roots have been cut to keep from heaving the pavement in the street.

    All in all we dodged another bullet. God bless North Carolina, our best defense.


  2. Sorry about the lost tree. Glad the plan is to replace it. Also glad all is well at the compound in general.

    Neighbor’s front door blew open after he left for work. His 2 beautiful (and HUGE) German Shepards got out. Stayed close to home, but we got them back in the house and the door wouldn’t latch. We bungee corded it shut until he came back after his wifey called and told him she couldn’t get out. She was sound asleep and didn’t know about the dogs until she saw us walking back across the street.

    Hope everyone else fared OK this time.


  3. We are filthy with oaks and pines. Plant a maple. I’d suggest a chestnut, but its chances, even widely separated from others, are small. I’d suggest a walnut or pecan, but unless you like stepping on golf balls barefoot, those are not trees to have near the house. Squirrels will love you if you do.


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