The World Turned Upside Down

Pilot : Heat player explains standing for national anthem 

Why IN THE HELL should anyone ever have to explain standing for the National Anthem?

Differing opinion is no longer tolerated.

I’m going to buy another thousand rounds of ammo.

4 thoughts on “The World Turned Upside Down

  1. “Heat captain Udonis Haslem had multiple conversations with Leonard in recent days about his decision. Haslem has made several things clear; he originally wished to see Leonard kneel, but after those talks he came away with understanding — and vowed the Heat would support their teammate.

    As the song ended, Haslem was the first to tap fists with Leonard.

    “His being out there with us, as our brother, it’s still showing strength, it’s still showing unity, it’s still showing that we’re coming together for a common cause,” Haslem said. “People will question, ‘Why isn’t he doing it their way?’ Well, he’s standing by us. He’s supporting us. He’s with us.”

    I wouldn’t load your guns yet. Besides, who is your first victim?

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    1. His teammates aren’t the problem, the problem is that some sort of explanation is expected.

      First victim? Victim implies someone has been wronged,

      Butt that’s for someone else to decide by threatening me or mine. I’m just increasingly worried that someone will volunteer.


      1. Team sports are dependent upon cohesion among the players. Unity is a big deal, even among the super stars.

        So if the whole team decides to kneel, the one who doesn’t still need to play ball with them. So an effort to explain is no reason to lock and load.

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