Trying to find Antifa murder victims is really hard. There aren’t many. None actually.

Right wing groups however have a long list of dead victims to their credit. Yet Antifa remains the favorite whipping boy of the administration. Gotta rile up them supporters somehow since rallies are not possible.

20 thoughts on “Trying to find Antifa murder victims is really hard. There aren’t many. None actually.

    1. Candy bars?

      D cell batteries and frozen water bottles.

      And when police do not allow rioters to destroy property, that is not causing the riot. It’s their job.


        1. D cell batteries are heavy and easy to throw hard and accurate. The same goes for frozen water bottles.

          Either is quite capable of cracking your skull or jaw, and many policemen have been injured with them.

          If someone were throwing them at me, I would respond with lethal force and be fully justified in doing so if I were not protected by armor.


          1. Alternative lethal force? By definition is still lethal, correct?

            The cops are in body armor and helmets, the protesters are not. The rioters need to be dealt with, no doubt. I’ve never said otherwise. But you really need to realize that sometime the presence of riot gear-clad officers is an invitation to riot. I do not condone it, just stating what I believe is PART of the problem.


  1. In Louisville a few days ago there was a march of several hundred or more Black militia folks called NFAC. They were armed to the teeth like other private militias. They were met with about 50 or so “3 Percenters”, a White militia. Police kept them apart and nothing major took place except for an accidental shooting.

    A “trainee” woman in the NFAC accidentally discharged her weapon and wounded three other NFAC members. (How stupid Is it to have a trainee with live ammunition in a volatile situation? Answer, pretty stupid.)

    Kentucky has very lax gun laws. So marching around with a small arsenal is perfectly legal.

    Now suppose that accidental discharge had hit a 3 Percenter or a policeman or a child or anyone else. Worse yet, killed someone.

    It could have been a shooting gallery. Several hundred pumped up folks armed and pissed.

    Is there any logic to having protesters armed? Probably not. It wouldn’t take much to get a firefight started.

    Those who want a race war might be winning.

    Is it time for another #LIBERATE? Or is the administration not quite that stupid?

    Do we need a major tragedy, maybe 50 dead, hundreds wounded, to finally provide a wake up call that we have a problem.

    I hope not.


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        1. Gawd!

          My link to the Guardian article has a link early on for the pdf of methodology.

          But the CSIS link I also listed is the original report.

          I think I have it right this time.


      1. CSIS includes White Supremacist, Misogynist and Incel nutcases in “Right Wing”. Anti abortion extremists were put in the right wing category instead of the more fitting religious category.

        None of those are in any way conservative or libertarian. If you are going to call them Right Wing, then I’ll call the drug cartels left wing, with every bit as much justification.

        And I still want to know where the classify unicorns.


        1. “None of those are in any way conservative”…

          You’re kidding, right? If anti-abortionists aren’t right wing and right wing, single issue, straight party line Republican voters, I’m not sure what else they could be classified as.

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  2. From a political perspective anti-abortionists and White supremacists are certainly Republican voters. If mysogynists and incels have a viewpoint of domination over women, they could also fit in the Republican party’s traditional, Biblical family wing.

    One thing is for sure they don’t vote for Democrats.

    So right wing is their home and that makes them right wing nuts.

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    1. Is this a good time to say Antifa, if they are involved more than a few instances, is “non-lethal”?

      That seems to be the word of the day in protest policing.


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