Conspiracies abound…Wayfair is shipping children in their cabinets.

The people spreading this incredible sewage are having a ball. That people believe it is just mind boggling.

“No one has ever gone broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” Attributed to H.L. Mencken

8 thoughts on “Conspiracies abound…Wayfair is shipping children in their cabinets.

  1. Been hearing worse since the 1960’s.

    Palestinian leaders and preachers have been accusing Israeli’s of making bread…using the blood of pigs and children.

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    1. Conspiracies seem to target some group or person that the originator wants to eliminate, profit from or just piss off.

      In the old days (pre-internet) it took a while since it needed word of mouth, popular media, the Church, or other sources. Today, people accused of some ridiculous lack of obeisance to orthodoxy or targeted for having caused this or that can get death threats in 30 minutes or less after a viral post.

      Dr. Fauci has personal security since the administration targeted him for being “wrong” early on as the pandemic developed and that he was an alarmist. Conspiracies as used as a weapon with great success by autocrats or other ne’er do wells. They keep people confused, in a state of anxiety if not fear, and can lead to tragedy when the ignorant act on them.

      Centuries ago, a plague would be blamed on Jews or other out of favor minorities. Today it’s the Asians or Silicon Valley or vaccine researchers or Soros/Gates/Clinton or Progressives or the Deep State or illegal immigrants…what or who makes people upset.


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      1. Len?

        Not sure how or why you’re tying Dr. Fauci into this?

        Anyway…as much as I hold ‘competent medical authorities in high regard? When all is said and done, all I’m really hearing are their “medical opinions”.

        In my family there are 5 nurses and 4 doctors. I’m the sole “living” aberration (professionally) because I enlisted in the Navy and retired 27 years later.

        Consider what Dr’s Adams (Surgeon General), Birx and Fauci have been promulgating since the spring.

        See the changes since?


        1. “Not sure how or why you’re tying Dr. Fauci into this?”

          Could it because some theories have come out that he personally developed COVID-19, shipped it to China, and helped spread it for nefarious reasons?

          The fact that he now needs protection from some radical individuals is kind of telling and absolutely germane to the topic.

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          1. Whew, I just saw this:


            The latest is that Sinclair will delay airing of “Plandemic” in which two conspiracy nuts blame Fauci for actually manufacturing the COVID virus and shipping it to China.

            Sinclair owns 294 broadcast stations.

            If run, it will certainly feed into the Trump narrative of destroying Dr. Fauci.

            Our country, particularly our president, is the laughing stock of the world. And this will certainly help seal the deal.

            I wonder if the phrase “fake news” would come from the president regarding this interview for broadcast.


        2. The science has changed as we learn more about the virus.

          As listed in a link I gave John a few minutes ago, the efficacy of masks is pretty well established now, but wasn’t back in March when we had a shortage of everything and needed to save what we had for frontline workers.

          Fauci has been alarmed by administration positions on “back to business as usual”, and Fauci has been correct. We are surging like no other country in the world early or presently.

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    2. That’s silly. It would really taste bad. This whole business with WayFair is clearly the result of some idiot asking a question about a C.S. Lewis novel.

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