Northam sucks at threat assessment

None dare call it a riot

When tens of thousands of 2nd Amendment supporters went to Richmond, no windows were broken, no arson was committed, no one was harmed or threatened, and we didn’t leave behind so much as a gum wrapper, but Northam declared an emergency, closed streets and parking, and even had snipers on the rooftops.

But not a bit of State preparation for the destruction, arson, and attacks on the Richmond police.

Apparently Northam doesn’t understand the difference between a protest and a riot.

21 thoughts on “Northam sucks at threat assessment

    1. “Northam sucks. Period.”

      Well, NO; . . . however, if he does just a bit, it’s not even remotely near the extent of Mr. McDonnell’s suckiness.

      Ha. I may have made a new word. ‘suckiness’ – ? Maybe.

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  1. Some of what Governor Northam ordered to happen on MLK/Lobby Day was because of credible law enforcement intelligence regarding the plans of some members of a neo-Nazi group to go there.

    In all fairness, my recollections over the previous years:

    -the streets adjacent to capitol square were closed to vehicular traffic because of the anticipated crowd;

    -litter has always been picked-up by Lobby Day participants “as a whole” throughout the day. Pretty sure that’s attributable to the overall civic-mindset of Virginians and not a specific group.

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  2. I am skeptical of Northam’s convenient ‘credible law enforcement intelligence’ as an excuse for fencing off the capitol square and not allowing carrying of firearms in the buildings, which has always been lawful and peaceful.

    There may have been a hundred or so people lobbying other causes, but nearly everyone there was there for the 2nd Amendment, and there was absolutely no violence or property damage.

    But BLM protestors and the rioters they shelter were given free rein to destroy public and private property with no resistance from the State.


    1. “But BLM protestors and the rioters they shelter were given free rein to destroy public and private property with no resistance from the State.“

      I think I saw somewhere that there were permits available for looting and arson. So much per permit for the season, with daily limits like fishing.


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    2. Need to go back to December (2019) and January (2020).

      The FBI obtained and released that intelligence obtained from interrogations following the arrest of ranking neo-Nazi’s (The Base) plus some of their e-mails.

      Either way? It was a credible threat at the time.

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      1. “It was a credible threat at the time.”

        Keep in mind that Don has NEVER given any credibility to Northam. His hatred for all things Democrat blinds him to the possibility that even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then.

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  3. Now, if only you would give Trump the same scathing condemnation. You defend him because the information allegedly kept changing wrt the pandemic. He ignored ALL threat assessments given him starting in January. But hey, you got your deregulation and your judges. So what’s 141,00+ dead Americans?


      1. “In the land of the blind, a one eyed man is king.”

        Less than 1/2 million dead is hardly a bragging point. Besides, at the rate we are going it is still possible.

        Let me see if I can help.

        “According to the Breitbart site, mask wearing causes irreversible impotence.Testosterone levels in the non-mask wearers has been proven to be much higher than the mask wearers.”

        Well, shoot, everyone knows that. Google it and go to 8chan for verification. Q will tell you the truth.

        500,000 is a goal we can get to if we just try hard enough. Nobody tells us what to do or beats us at our own game. Nobody.

        Your neighborhood “sin-ick” for your reassurance in these tough times.


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        1. As usual, you miss the point.

          If Adam can blame Trump for the 141,000 plus dead, then I can credit Trump for it not being 500K.

          Can anyone claim that had Trump done things differently, zero would have died?

          Based on what?

          Or 100K fewer? or 1000 fewer, or even 1?

          Exactly what choice, made at the time it was made, with what was known at the time, resulted in excess deaths?


          1. You don’t read what I wrote in the past?

            The more important question is why we didn’t prepare and act earlier. We are the outlier so either we did all we could to get the biggest numbers or we are incredibly unlucky.

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      2. You’re better at the math thingy than Paul was.

        Problem being, 500,000 is not yet out of hte question.

        But hey we get judges that believe they know EXACTLY what the founders thought and would believe today.

        And air becoming unbreathable and water undrinkable, even with 1000 Zero Water filters per household.


      3. And zero dead from ANTIFA.

        Your hypocrisy concerning those you vote for and those you don’t would be sickening if it were’t so sad.

        You accused Northam of not being good at “threat assessments”, but Trump was given warning starting in January. But you continue to defend him?
        How’s that heat wave working on killing the virus like Trump said it would? When is it just going to disappear, like Trump said it would.

        Even now, he is so afraid of losing the election he is attempting to change his tune, but the American voters have seen this crap form him for almost 4 years now. The people are over it. And still you dance on the graves of those 141,000 because of deregulation and judges.

        Trump is NOT responsible for the virus or even the economic damage done because of it. I have said that on numerous occasions. What he IS responsible for is the lackadaisical response by his administration because he thought he could just wish it away like a bankruptcy filing to get out of paying his business creditors. Or his tax returns that he promised us he would release. Or his replacement for Obamacare. Or Mexico paying for his “big, beautiful wall”.

        Your DDS has willfully blinded you to what this man has done and will continue to do to this country.

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        1. January? Fauci said Coronavirus was not a serious threat to the US on Jan28. Trump blocked flights form China on Jan 30, against Fauci’s advice.

          And Fauci told us and Trump that coronaviruses faded in warm weather, so Trump’s statement was based on the best advice AT THE TIME. Cov2 is different, but no one knew how at the time, You’re judging Trump’s actions then by what we know now, not what was known then.

          Fauci and many others have only the virus to worry about, Trump has to worry about the economy and foreign adversaries trying to exploit the disruption.

          There are certainly things I would have wished he had said differently, but I see no policy blunders based on what was known at the time that would have made a significant difference, and many things done right that have saved lives, and will continue to do so.


          1. …”I see no policy blunders”…

            You never do. THAT is the issue. Your continual pardoning by saying “There are certainly things I would have wished he had said differently”… is willful blindness to the incompetence and corruption of this administration.

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