Dr. Harvey Risch on the war against hydroxychloroquine

Famous professor of epidemiology at Yale says that support for hydroxy cocktail is readily available. And that its use can save over 75,000 lives going forward. ( https://www.foxnews.com/transcript/dr-harvey-risch-on-the-war-against-hydroxychloroquine )

Risch merely confirms what Dr. Zelenko has said for four months. He has himself treated over 2200 patients successfully. He now posts regularly on Twitter. ( His most recent letter to Trump: https://twitter.com/zev_dr/status/1286013832817770498 )

it was clear to me several months ago that no one else needed to die from the virus. It’s amazing the amount of people who want there to be continual plague and pestilence. The Pilot has never mentioned important details about this story. The networks never mention details. If you try to search for information, Google will give you dated links from many months ago.

The effort to keep people in a state of panic is overwhelmingly obvious.

4 thoughts on “Dr. Harvey Risch on the war against hydroxychloroquine

  1. Forget the medicinal therapies. What stunned me was the statements of two doctors on the news.
    1) They no longer intubate based only on O2 saturation.
    2) Patients are now placed face down to facilitate easier breathing.

    If you weren’t really paying attention, this might just pass as “meh, okay.” But wait, we’ve had billions (exaggerated for effect) of patients with respiratory illnesses in the last 100 years of medicine, and they are just now learning this?!

    Okay, (1) I can understand. They had studied blood chemistry and had created “rule of thumb”. BUT (2) has been known by the Boy Scouts since the 1800s with drowning victims. Stone knives and bear skins.

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  2. RE: “It’s amazing the amount of people who want there to be continual plague and pestilence.”

    I’ve been amazed by that, as well, and especially by people who want to be scared.


  3. Certain people wanting continual plague and pestilence is not really amazing considering that those same people are actively pushing a false narrative of widespread oppression, burning their own backyards, tearing down history and demanding abolition of police, open borders and socialism among others. It is a means to an end (notice I didn’t say beginning). This national sacraficial lamb is the heart of their ultra-extremist far left wing political campaign, like AOCs, of chaos equals victory.


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