The Federal Coup to Overthrow the States and Nix the 10th Amendment Is Underway

Source: The Rutherford Institute.

The principle the essay describes — the expansion of authoritarian federal police powers — is certainly real, but its application to the current wave of insurrectionist protests strikes me as overwrought. We should, instead, be thankful for the deployment of federal police against the rioters.

For reference, the 10th Amendment to the Constitution states: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Nothing in that simple language prohibits the creation of federal police powers and, in fact, Congress has created many such powers, placing them under the command-and-control authority of the Executive. As a result, the idea that the federal police powers currently being used actually nullify the 10th Amendment is absurd.

One counter argument is that the state and local police authorities have nullified themselves by abdicating their responsibility to prevent or respond to violence and property damage. That federal police step in to restore order is a good thing.

Theoretically, too, the federal jurisdiction to respond is appropriate. It is well established that many of the instigators of the violence we are seeing represent interstate, even international networks. To the extent these networks promote anti-American ideologies it makes perfect sense for the federal police to go after them, regardless of sovereign state authority.

The question therefore becomes, simply: Are the federal police who appear to be doing the right thing in this instance really the good guys or the bad guys?

I’m skeptical either way, but challenge anyone wishing to to judge the matter to support their opinion without resorting to abstract Constitutional theory or unprovable conspiracy allegations.

The idea that the legitimate law enforcement authorities of the federal government have become too expansive and too poorly regulated has merit. It deserves to be explored and tested, just not hysterically as in the essay.

17 thoughts on “The Federal Coup to Overthrow the States and Nix the 10th Amendment Is Underway

  1. I can see why using federal law enforcement to protect federal buildings and other public property is justified if the local police won’t do it. I can also see pursuit and arrest of perpetrators after they leave that property.

    But I do not see a role for federal police in the enforcement of other laws or the protection of private lives and property. Those are the responsibility of State and local governments.

    I am not a nice guy. I believe people should suffer the consequences of poor choices, including voting for pandering politicians. The people who voted for those morons running Portland and Chicago should watch their cities burn and suffer the lack of grocery stores and other sellers of necessities when those companies choose not to rebuild. And yes, they should see innocents gunned down by the gangs they allow to flourish.

    There are consequences for voting for panderers, and they should fall on those voters heavily.

    The feds and citizens of better run cities should pull up a lawn chair and watch them burn, as a lesson to their children.


    1. RE: “I believe people should suffer the consequences of poor choices, including voting for pandering politicians…The feds and citizens of better run cities should pull up a lawn chair and watch them burn, as a lesson to their children.”

      That’s a compelling argument. It would help if news media did a better job of reporting on the radical politics associated with the window smashing, arson and looting. As it is, we’ll have to wait for the prosecutions stemming from the federal arrests to get a better understanding of that element.


    2. “I believe people should suffer the consequences of poor choices, including voting for pandering politicians.”

      The entire country is burning leaderless because of the 63 million who voted for Trump.

      Irony is the Trump supporter’s tweet of a picture of violence (not saying which side started it, as it is actually irrelevant to this) and saying this will be Biden’s America. Well, the picture is of TRUMP’S America. Ruminate on that for a few.

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      1. Except that the rioting is happening in cities run by Democrats for decades and not in those parts of the country that support Trump or other Republicans.


        1. …”that support Trump or other Republicans.”

          Maybe because they are sheep that vote against their own interests on a regular basis and are too sold on the idea of what the GOP …I mean Trump GOP.. stands for. And that is one thing and one thing only: Donald J. Trump.

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          1. The sheep are those who vote for their own interests even when it is unethical or wrong for the country. Selfish, unethical people are easily led to slaughter.


          2. RE: “Maybe because they are sheep that vote against their own interests…”

            If they voted for law and order, and got it, then they didn’t vote against their own interests.


    3. If the the Federal LE officers are there to protect federal property, why are they taking on the role of riot police?

      THey are overstepping their “mandate” and usurping the local LE forces.

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      1. Do you think that it’s OK for someone to throw a firebomb at a Federal bldg and then run to the park across the street and be somehow immune to pursuit and arrest?

        But it is true that local police should be controlling the rioters, but they aren’t. They have surrendered the city to Antifa.


          1. Not having a copy of Antifa’s membership roster, that might be difficult, and certainly Antifa does not make up a major part of the peaceful protest, but the organization of the violent rioting shows the organizational and preparatory methods known to Antifa’s actions.

            People do not go to peaceful protests on a dry day with umbrellas and fireworks or clubs, Those are the preparations made by those who anticipate violence. Those are the preparations Antifa recommends in social media posts


          2. Circumstantial evidence at best. No one else has ever tried what you describe? You knew about it, then perhaps some militia anti-government folks know about it too.

            (Hey, wait a minute, have you been stockpiling bricks?)

            Warnings posted on line about Antifa “invaders” have been attributed to White supremacy groups. Hundreds show up and stare at each other’s guns and camo gear.

            We still have the violent opportunists burning and looting. Considering some of the right wing fringes boast of wanting a race war, I would start looking in that direction.

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          3. Six arrests out of how many both in Portland and nationwide?

            I didn’t say they were gone completely, just not the main problem that you, Don, Trump and his minions say it is.

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        1. ANTIFA moms and dads? C’mo, Don. The use of the phrase to describe any and all rioters is unfair and disingenuous. It would be like calling all 2A rioters skinheads or neo-nazis.


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