Photo from a Ukraine civil unrest In 2014 used in Trump ad

Geez, were the Trump campaign folks unable to find a photo from the US protests that they had to use one showing a Ukraine policeman attacked.

Again, this shows a total lack of respect for Americans.

The message is obvious: Vote for Trump and he will fight for law and order in Ukraine.

14 thoughts on “Photo from a Ukraine civil unrest In 2014 used in Trump ad

      1. I approve of the ad too in a sense.

        The image may be a stock image of violence against police but the point that violence is being perpetrated against policemen is true, even if you don’t have a good photo to use.


    1. Your sarcasm is misplaced. I specifically said it was the Trump campaign.

      But, gee whiz, a Ukraine protest was the best they could do? Did Giuliani get a good deal on usage fees for the image while hustling business in Ukraine?

      Irony is where we find it.

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    2. Because the Trump campaign didn’t want to use photos of Trump’s storm troopers attacking American citizens.

      A photo of the tear gassed Mayor of Portland would have been perfect. (Sarcasm warning)


      1. RE: “Hey, it’s pretty funny.”

        You didn’t say it was funny. You said it “shows a total lack of respect for Americans.”

        In my career as a proposal writer, I was frequently embarrassed by inadvertent photo errors. I didn’t think it was inherently funny, especially that time my graphics artist used a Soviet sub on the cover of a proposal for a U.S. submarine program. Thank goodness we caught the mistake at final review, but I’m still smarting from the beating I took.


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