Here is an observation everyone can agree on…(just kidding, folks).

Kinda like the bumper sticker of previous campaigns showing Democrats having to, again, clean up after the elephants.

20 thoughts on “Here is an observation everyone can agree on…(just kidding, folks).

  1. The point has been made several times. Too bad the so-called “conservatives” don’t see it the same way.

    And if you and I were “everyone”, you would have been accurate.


  2. Revisionist garbage, and not even good revisionist garbage.

    Or did you forget the mess Carter left to Reagan.

    And let’s not forget that the planning and organization for the 9-11 attacks happened while Clinton was in office.

    And then the pillaging of the PPE stockpiles by Obama.

    Consequences don’t fall on the next guy on inauguration day. Many debacles take a long time to ripen, and if you play games with the dates, you can place the blame on any administration.


    1. …”you can place the blame on any administration.”

      Yet you give full throated credit for the economy that Trump inherited from Obama. And even before COVID, it wasn’t zas great sa Trump claimed it to be.

      Well, the blame falls right on on Trump’s desk for the response to the pandemic. You can try and spin it back to the three years prior to Trump’s ascension, but THAT would be revisionist when you consider that the outgoing admin gave the incoming the tools necessary to BE PREPARED. But we all know Donald Trump is no Boy Scout.

      It amazes me that you can be so blinded by your hatred for any and all things Democratic that you have sold your soul to the devil. Actually, I’m not amazed any more. Saddened, really.

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      1. Again, you still haven’t told us what Trump could have done differently with the information he had at the time that would have made a significant difference.


    2. Don, you are better than that. Revisionist history…not so much.

      9/11 was preceded by bombings during Reagan era. It was a matter of time. But 9/11 was not the financial debacle the Obama had to clean up.

      Greenspan’s theory that financial sectors could regulate themselves. Bush’s deregulatory fervor was the ill fated Jenga piece that brought it all down.

      It wasn’t Obama’s stockpile. It was the job of Congress to fund it and they didn’t. But for the umpteenth time, Trump was warned and even given a detailed playbook from what Obama learned from SwineFlu. Yet he didn’t even bother to have his boy Azar do his job and check it out and refill. 3 long years ago.

      Clinton was strapped with a recession and a GOP that investigated him for his entire two terms, day in and day out. Yet he succeeded.
      He worked with an incredibly hostile Gingrich to reduce the deficit.

      Obama took over a catastrophic recession and turned it around with deficits cut by a trillion or so. Trump just kept the economic trend going, but tried to boost it with a tax cut increasing our debt and deficit enormously. Manufacturing was declining by the second half of 2019 despite that debt. GDP never exceeded Obama’s.

      Why is it the Democrats do the cleanup? If the causes are so long term, why not Republican actions to cleanup?

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      1. “Bush’s deregulatory fervor”

        Bush tried to regulate Fannie and Freddie, the root cause of the collapse, but was blocked by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd.


        1. A problem, but the root cause was fraud. Ratings companies, mortgage companies, investment banks…they all were complicit in the fraud.

          If the police have a small group of crooked cops fencing goods for burglary rings, your reasoning would say arrest the cops and throw a banquet for the burglars.

          Yes Fannie and Freddie participated in the fraud to the extent that bonuses were given for volume of mortgages during the boom.

          But they could not have succeeded without the fraud on Wall Street and in the mortgage companies. Forget CRA, It was only affecting less than a quarter of the loans.

          And of course Mr “deregulate” is working to toss any of the reforms so this crap can repeat.

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          1. Fannie and Freddie produced the mortgage bundles that were fraudulently promoted.

            You can’t sell snake oil unless you can get the snake oil.


          2. Are you sure? The investment banks bundled the CMO’s with the tranches that we’re loaded with crap but marketed as solid gold.

            Goldman Sachs even shorted those investments after they unloaded them to buyers here and abroad. And the ratings companies gave the fraudulent ratings to help.

            Just because Freddie bought mortgages (remember Bush was also pushing home ownership) does not mean Wall Street could lie and commit fraud. But they did and we got sucker punched.

            And the crooks never suffered a dime. Or prison.

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          3. First, I agree the bankers and investors should not have been bailed out. Bankruptcy was their proper remedy.

            But it was Fannie and Freddie bundled the mortgages into saleable bundles.


          4. Fannie and Freddie also REPAID their bailout IN FULL, WITH INTEREST. That does not relieve them of blame, but at least they made up for their intransigence.


          5. With the money from fines paid by all the felonious bankers, mortgage lenders and bankers.

            Oh, nobody was charged.


            I am disappointed that you just cannot accept the fact the the fraud was in the private financial sector. Some assist from Fannie and Freddie, but without the fraudsters in financial we might have dodged a bust.

            Fannie May have driven the getaway car, but the actual robbery was by all private enterprises.

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          6. The fraud was in the packaging of mortgage based securities. Absent those securities, with the implicit guarantee of the Federal government, the rest could not have happened. Fannie, Freddie, the VHA and HUD could issue securities backed by the government, private banks could issue securities but not with the government backing that started the housing bubble rolling.


          7. If you were a banker and FM issued securities that you knew were worthless, would you get them rated as AAA, market them as such to clients and the short them to make money when the truth came out?

            Or put in another way, would Don be more than happy to steal from warehouses and sell the stolen goods because you could bribe the police?

            Is there any right or wrong in this reasoning?And any reason bankers, rating execs and mortgage lenders should not be in prison?

            You are excusing them because the cop was crooked.

            Any honest banker would not play that game.

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          8. Also, you said the fraud was in the packaging.

            Perhaps. But they were rated then sold to investors. That is ok by you? Cheat the clients?
            Short their investment you knew would fail?

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          9. Not defending the bankers. If you remember I have always said the only bailout they should have gotten is bankruptcy.

            But creating a security that was implicitly guaranteed by ‘full faith and credit’ was almost an invitation to fraud.


          10. Almost an invitation to fraud?

            So are diamond rings in a glass jewelry case. But honest people don’t steal them.

            I think bankruptcies for some of those major players would have collapsed the world economy and destroyed the insurance market.

            By the time it was all sorted out, perhaps millions of people would be financially ruined and millions more in Third World cheap labor markets might have starved.

            Too big to fail is what the new regs tried to address, and now we are trying to get “deja vu all over again” if deregulation in finance gets traction.

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          11. Upon further review, I will concede and agree that FM may have been an armed accomplice behind the getaway car.

            They were private at the time and bonuses and pay incentives to Raines and Howard were keyed to volume.

            Of course that does not let investment banks off the hook at all. They still knowingly peddled fraudulent wares, the ratings companies gave AAA ratings to crap and non-bank lenders, not beholden to CRA, lent money to damn near homeless people. And the really galling part was GS selling worthless CMO bundles with the highest praise and ratings, then shorting those investments as soon as they were bought. FM had nothing to do with that. Or the ratings.

            It was a complicated weave, and all players were needed and all should have been imprisoned.

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