The Obama/Biden Pandemic response

Levin on Swine flu pandemic

How short are the memories. The Obama/Biden response to the swine flu pandemic, stop testing at 60 million.

We were just lucky it turned  out to not be as lethal as we originally thought. If they had managed the Corona Virus, we would have been screwed.


16 thoughts on “The Obama/Biden Pandemic response

    1. Apples and oranges indeed.

      initially, it appeared that H1N1 would be just as lethal as COVID, except that it killed children. We were just lucky that Tamiflu, which was developed for other flu viruses also worked for H1N1. We had an off-the-shelf remedy available.

      But what matters is that before we knew that, Obama/Biden did nothing to stop the spread inside the country or in any way control the outbreak, they just used up the reserves of PPEs and left the shelves empty. No travel restrictions, no quarantines, no mask recommendations, no school closings or any public health measures.

      Then, when total inaction became obvious, they just stopped counting to conceal the extent of the outbreak at 60 million cases, 20 times the number of the more contagious .coronavirus.

      Had President Trump handled Coronavirus EXACTLY the same way Obama/Biden handled H1N1 in the early stages of the outbreak, we would be looking at millions dead.

      But instead we compare President Trump’s response to a perfect ideal guided by hindsight, instead of to the most recent example of government response to a pandemic. Compared to the Obama/Biden response, Trump should be seen as a national hero.


      1. “…Obama/Biden did nothing to stop the spread inside the country or in any way control the outbreak’…”

        There was a national health emergency declared with in 48 hours of the first case.

        Yes, some luck was involved, but if Trump had the playbook from Obama before Trump’s inauguration of what was learned, got the intel in January along with the RNA from China, and still did zip except for the very porous travel restrictions from China, I think we can see a difference.

        Trump also was pressured by his own HHS man that we need to check the stockpiles. If nothing was done about that with warnings, then it is Trump’s responsibility.

        Parse it anyway you want, Trump is going to have to take responsibility and not blame a predecessor that left office years ago. A predecessor that did all he could to help Trump then but was summarily ignored.

        Trump pushed hard for re-openings. He threatened to withhold funding from schools if they don’t open despite all the warnings and reluctance and exploding caseloads overwhelming the hospitals.

        He scoffed at masks. Spent his daily updates on insults and blaming others. His administration screwed up the testing kits early on. And we still can’t get timely tests in many places because he did not issue an emergency order for all university labs to help with backlogs.

        Sorry, but Trump is in charge, and he failed. Not just early on, but even today.

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        1. Did Obama/Biden follow their own playbook? Nope. Declaring a national emergency and then doing nothing means nothing. They just got lucky.

          And again, I don’t see anything that could have been done, based on what was known about the virus that could have been done differently and had a good result(0ther than setting a better example on masks)

          Trump has properly deferred to governors on most mandatory actions. Why should the Federal government send funding intended to support classroom costs when the classrooms aren’t open?

          Thank goodness he did not commandeer university resources to support largely symbolic community testing. If he had, we would not be nearly so far along on developing therapeutics and vaccines. Those labs have a finite capacity and tests run to make sure left handed albino nuns of Albanian heritage don’t feel left out should not delay tests monitoring the effectiveness of therapies and public health efforts. You’re engaging in the broken window fallacy again, seeing only the desired results but ignoring the associated costs.

          And are Obama and Biden not at least as culpable as Trump for the stockpile shortage considering that they used them up and had 7 years to replace them and did not, and didn’t even maintain what remained?

          Again, Trump can be made to look bad thorough the lens of hindsight, but apply the same standard to Obama/Biden and they come off as monsters.


          1. I believe the playbook was written after swine flu and what was learned from the epidemic.

            We now know the president can’t be told much or read even daily Intelligence briefs. He really doesn’t care about the office, the government, the nation or its citizens at least according to his actions. He shifts positions everyday like whims gone berserk. The only consistency he has is holding grudges.

            His push to hold rallies and conventions tells us all we need to know about his priorities.

            “…ignoring associated costs…”

            Like a couple of billion to bring 1000 independent labs on line is going to hurt us after spending 6 trillion. And what went to big businesses hiding as little ones could probably have paid for it.

            So I think we can forget blaming Obama. We’ve gone this route and funding was rejected by Congress for replenishment. Just one more obstacle by Republicans to make sure Obama failed.

            There is no excuse for not even checking our stockpiles for 3 years plus. None. Not with a playbook.

            And certainly no excuse for denying a pandemic until mid-March combined with the absolute gall to say he knew it was a pandemic all along. WTF does he think we are his children? “Surprise, Daddy knew all along.”

            We’ll never agree on this. But giving a Trump a pass based on what happened in 2009 is like blaming Obama for high unemployment in 2009. No hunting dogs there.


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        2. RE: “Again, Trump can be made to look bad thorough the lens of hindsight, but apply the same standard to Obama/Biden and they come off as monsters.”

          Exactly right.

          It is forgotten now, but the Trump administration did, in fact, follow the CDC’s restrictive surveilance-based testing model early on. Dr. Brix reported the numbers almost daily, but media hammered the administration for not doing enough.

          The administration focused first on the supply and supply chain problems with PPE, ventilators and hospital beds before turning its attention to community testing. That approach made perfect sense in every respect at the time, and still does with the benefit of hindsight.


          1. “… focused first on the supply and supply chain problems with PPE, ventilators and hospital beds…”

            Yeah, a good while AFTER the intelligence warned about an outbreak in China. And 3 years after taking office even though he knew supplies were limited and HHS was concerned.

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    1. Thanks for the link, offhand, I think it will be nearly impossible to distinguish between direct viral effects and the small strokes common to covid infections, and clinically, the difference may make no difference in rehabilitation.


      1. Meh, not so sure. They already do make links with other viruses (for some reason, I really think it should be virii). HPV and ovarian and testicular cancer, HIV and some dude’s sarcoma. The prevalence of clots everywhere in the body is, at least, worrisome. They are also seeing myelin degeneration in autopsies. Maybe there’s a predilection. Maybe not. It’s correlation v. causality right now, but given our work with the genome… maybe someday they will know.

        Nevertheless, I certainly am less happy about the possibility that the spousal unit and I may have already had covid back in late March.

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          1. We’ve been trying… and I do mean trying… to schedule a blood donation. It’s not easy. We prefer this approach to getting the test.

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