Somebody please explain

No link, though there could be literally dozens, but  a question.

What has caused the drug gangs to go nuts?

There has always been violence between rivals, but in recent weeks they have been emboldened and are openly carrying out their battles without regard for collateral damage, in the form of dead children and other innocent bystanders.

Is it because the police have withdrawn? Are there lockdown economic pressures at work? Is this what they think BLM is all about?

I hear politicians talking about gun control as though these criminals can legally possess them already. Always the simple solution that never works instead of trying to figure out what is really going on.

So, why the sudden lack of concern for bystanders and the consequences of killing them?

4 thoughts on “Somebody please explain

  1. Because these punks just don’t care and for liberals the ends justify the means…errr..consequenses, but doesn’t your heart feel so much better?


    1. I don’t know that these gang bangers have any political philosophy, they are just opportunists, but why do they see now as an opportunity to clean out their competition?

      Are they just confident that in the current climate the police aren’t going to pursue them?


  2. Well, do you want the answer? It’s the thing that both parties have been running on for 40 years, “It’s the economy, Stupid”. Although, there is also not just what the economy is currently, but what the “average person” thinks it is, and will be.

    The gangs are churning because the economy, on which the drug gangs rely, is churning. The pessimism at the bottom is at a maximum. And to placate your dark desire, yes, the self-inflicted turmoil in the police departments contributes to it.

    But let me give you a top of the pack example, too. Recently, law school grads and faculty petitioned the State to grant licenses without the bar exam because of covid.

    As Uncle said, “There is profit to be made in confusion.”

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  3. To continue, you see drive-bys because drive-bys are the physical manifestation of greed at the bottom, but as I write this, some arse in a boardroom is taking some widow for her savings with the SEC equivalent of a drive-by. As they say, “Watch This Space.” Prosecutions to follow.

    But if you want to see the physical manifestation of the broadroom grab now, consider the Catholic Church taking $1.4 billion in the PPP loans/grants, and there are thousands of similar. Sad to say this, but my own company, which is a government contractor with a good backlog, with a work force that often “works from home”, and is capable of 100% work from home, was contemplating a $600K grab. The CEO is an arse, who used his dead wife’s money to buy his 20% position in the company.

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