Whitney: Looks Like Sweden Was Right After All

Source: ZeroHedge.

Despite the article’s breezy optimism, I tend to think the success of Sweeden’s Covid-19 response remains an open question. Still, I expect Sweeden’s basic response model — protect the vulnerable, but don’t lock down society — will be vindicated in time. The reason is that Covid-19 is a relatively mild disease compared, say, to plague or Ebola.

4 thoughts on “Whitney: Looks Like Sweden Was Right After All

  1. Uh, no… ditto:


    Sweden gained nothing economically while killing off lots of people.

    As of today, they have the 7th highest per capital death rate in the world. The only ones worse are the 6 European states: San Marino, Belgium, Andorra, UK, Spain and Italy.

    5526 fatalities is the equivalent of a US number in the vicinity of 182,358. Of course we are on track to get there due to our fine handling of this pandemic and a significant population that doesn’t give a crap about anyone else but themselves or are so wound up in conspiracies that they think this virus was a Libertarian (wink, wink) plot to destroy the undeserving ingrates mooching off the rest of us. Or other ignorant ideas like #LIBERATE, Bill Gates world domination or God’s plan.

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