Why here?

new COVID-19 cases surge in Tidewater

254, over 1/4th of the State’s new cases are from VA Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake and Portsmouth. Why?

Is it because of tourism? Do we just have more knuckleheads who won’t wear a mask?

What is going on here?

13 thoughts on “Why here?

    1. I haven’t been anywhere that you can’t go by boat for quite a while.

      Are the non-maskers tourists or locals?

      They’ll probably be pissed when the governor closes down the oceanfront and restaurants again.


      1. I live in Norfolk and work in Virginia Beach, but I’ve been working from home since mid-March. I don’t go out much–only to pick up groceries, meals, etc. In my limited experience here in Norfolk, most people are wearing masks. I spent a little bit of time in Virginia Beach this week and was shocked to see the opposite.

        The cultural and political differences between the two cities are stark.


  1. “Is it because of tourism? Do we just have more knuckleheads who won’t wear a mask?”

    Probably a little of both. Possibly some folks who see masks as as an intrusion on their liberty.

    @Jim – I tend to see more wearing masks than not, several on the short ride from work to home, in their own cars. But the sheer number of people make it part of the issue.

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  2. I have two 7-11s within a mile of my house.
    In one, you never see anyone without a mask. Period.
    In the other, I’m usually the only one with one, including the employees.

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  3. While on the subject. I don’t expect my 3M dust mask to provide anything more than a 10% improvement to me. I have a beard, so no real seat; air moves rather freely in and out around my chin, albeit it is directed right into and around my neck.

    I wear the mask knowing that if I cough, sneeze, or even just clear my throat, it’s my beard and mask that catches the brunt and not you.

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    1. I have a response for anyone who asks me why I am wearing a mask, with or without presumptive insults about my political leanings.

      “Because I am possibly infected. Thanks for asking.”

      In a more devilish scenario, I would mumble my answer through the mask. If asked to repeat, I would lift the mask and move closer before answering.

      I would not do the second bit because that asshole could go home and infect his parents then blame me for assault.

      Yet, Darwinism seems to be working in those states where freedom reigns so supreme it includes the right to infect others.

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  4. I would love to attend a Trump rally. I would saturate a handkerchief with fine ground white pepper and at a opportune time, snort it. I could just imagine the news coverage of the stampede.

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  5. As it seems to be a political issue for some, I mostly see the younger 20s-40s crowd not wearing masks no matter where I go. If that is a political sign then Biden is toast. Who knows if they are tourists or locals but seeing as how I avoid the oceanfront, I would say both. Sad.


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