A thought with no news or opinion

Mr. Trump once said of John McCain, “He’s not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

Silly, but OK.

I have a question for Mr. Trump, then. If you don’t like people who were captured, how do you feel about people who LOST their war?

14 thoughts on “A thought with no news or opinion

  1. McCain was a hero because of his valor AS a POW.

    But he was a terrible Senator and an unreliable member of his party. He was too much like Trump, thin skinned and egotistical.

    But keep in mind that we lost the Vietnam war and we are slowly losing in the middle east. The last war we decisively won was WW2, and that with the help of Russia.


    1. Is there any war we have won by ourselves?

      I think the only one that comes to mind is the Civil War.

      This site has an incredibly detailed listing of all American wars, skirmishes, police actions since the founding:


      It lists all the combatants on both sides, and with a few exceptions, such as some of the Indian Wars in the US, we are part of an a group of allies. Sometimes the list is long.

      And even some of the early Indian Wars, we had assistance from some Indian nations.

      It is no wonder we have a Military/Industrial complex. We spent the better part of our history fighting wars, starting incursions, defending dictators, opposing dictators, and the list goes on.

      We may have been a deciding factor in some, but in the big ones, we either had help or the war was ineffective or a loser.

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    2. “McCain was a hero because of his valor AS a POW.”

      Which is exactly what Trump attacked.

      As far as his record, McCain had a conscience and followed it. Trump is a delusional egomaniac who has no idea what he is doing.

      The politicians lost Viet Nam, not the generals. The South lost because of their generals.


      1. Trump was wrong to criticize McMains service. But McCain was not following his conscience, he was motivated by vindictiveness.

        The South had far better Generals, but they could not overcome the larger population, industrial might and naval superiority of the North, something Lee warned about at the beginning.


        1. “But McCain was not following his conscience, he was motivated by vindictiveness.”

          Your opinion based on the fact you disagreed with his decisions.

          On a similar note, I was seriously considering McCain in 2008 until his visit to Bob Jones U.

          The South lost. The generals were not heroes, they were traitors for leading battles against the Union Army and the government. Period. Glorifying them in any, way, shape or form is counter to honoring actual heroes. Let me know where the statue is for Benedict Arnold.


          1. Pointing out that Rommel was a brilliant tank commander is not an endorsement of Hitler.

            Again, you are applying today’s version of patriotism to a time when it did not apply.

            For Lee, and other Confederate generals, treason would have been raising arms against their state. The United States was seen as more of an alliance of the States than a country, much as we see NATO.

            The Federal Government was not always the intrusive Colossus it is today, as late as the early 1900s, postal employees were the great majority of Federal employees.


          2. Regardless, the Confederate generals took up arms against the government of the country. No matter the time or place, THAT is treasonous. Your continued attempts to defend the Confederacy and its leaders is noticed with the disdain it deserves.


          3. And again, you are applying standards of today that did not apply at the time.

            Your stubborn refusal to recognize the different reality faced by honorable men of that time is a perfect example of why we need to protect our history, as you cannot learn from history if you refuse to recognize it.


          4. Honorable men do NOT turn on their country. When they do they lose any and all honor they may have had. And the time does not matter. If it was 1860 or 2020.


        2. “ The United States was seen as more of an alliance of the States than a country, much as we see NATO.”

          That was true under the Articles of Confederation. And that is why the Constitution was agreed to. “To form a more perfect Union”.

          There was no provision to secede or dissolve the United States, so at the very least the secession by the Southern states was a serious breach of contract. In reality it was a concerted effort to destroy a new nation to salvage forced labor as an economic engine.

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