The most encouraging thing I’ve seen in weeks, and the most discouraging.

Californians respond to cancelation of 4th celebration

Pretty much what it would have looked like from the air here in South Chesapeake.

Hopefully a sign that the people are sick of groveling at the feet of those who hate our country.

Virginia removes flag to placate mobs

Unfortunately, Northam and his administration are too busy pandering to the mob to stand up for anything, preferring to see us all on our knees begging for peace.

It is painful to see our state government sink to such shameful depravity.

17 thoughts on “The most encouraging thing I’ve seen in weeks, and the most discouraging.

  1. “Hopefully a sign that the people are sick of groveling at the feet of those who hate our country.“

    Good Lord Don, change the channel once in a while. There are changes underway that have been a long time coming. And a bitter, divisive president with a bitter, divisive propaganda machine in right wing media has used this pandemic and social protesting to rile up a base with malevolent unicorns.

    There have been several incidents of armed, self-styled militias showing up in a town because of bogus postings by the right wing nuts that Antifa, “mighty Antifa”, was going to show up. Of course, they didn’t. Why? Because they never planned to in the first place. It was a ruse.

    Now ask yourself, who would benefit from such postings hoping for violence. Hint: they have been traced to fringe, right wing groups.

    Then ask yourself, who really hates our country.

    Who is promulgating mask wearing as anti-American and why?

    Joplin, MO, had few if any cases of COVID until June. Now they have 1200 cases and facilities are nearing the breaking point. City council voted down mask wearing. “Freedom” don’t you know. So how did this become so important that it gives the “right” to infect others as the price for Nathan Hale wannabes? Hint: who isn’t wearing a mask because it makes a statement?

    So, again, who really hates America?

    Trump is doing everything he can to split our nation by hate, ideology, fear and bigotry.

    There is our problem.


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    1. I think maybe you need to widen your information sources, Start with
      “What we believe” at the BLM website

      “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.”

      Whatever BLM started out to be, it has been thoroughly co-opted by the Marxists and anarchists. Weren’t you the one who condemned Civil War enthusiasts for continuing to protest in Charlottesville when the Nazi’s joined in?

      Not everything is about President Trump. They are tearing down everyone from Columbus to Lincoln, seeking to erase the origins of the ideas that are the base of the American way of creating a more perfect union.

      The extreme left has preyed upon sincere people wanting an end to the remnants of racism to push an anti-American, anarcho-communist agenda. These people hate capitalism and the Rule of Law, and breaking our ties with the roots of America is the first step on that agenda.

      This is not a perfect country, but it is a good country and one that constantly tries to get better. The extreme left does not want to improve on what we have, it wants to destroy all that is and replace it with a regime that tolerates no other opinion nor any freedom of choice on the individual level.

      Their mask is slipping and we are seeing their true face. I don’t like it and I am cheered to see people across the country becoming fed up.

      They want a revolution.

      They should take care what they wish for.


      1. Too many videos of the violence repeated over and over. And too much emphasis on the extremes.

        But that plays into Trump’s rhetoric, as well as right wing media.


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        1. What videos of violence? There were none in the links I provided.

          In their own words, they are Marxists. Please do tell me of the Marxist regime where propserity and freedom flourished.


          1. I am not defending Marxism.

            The classic argument is to find those with extremes and paint the majority party and its voters with that.

            There are several Republican primary winners that espouse internet conspiracy crap and some will get to Congress.

            You want to defend them?

            I thought so.

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    2. I think you need to change the channel. Your destructive liberal brethren that you bow to are the enemy of our country. Wait, does that make you the enemy within? Think about it.


      1. OK.

        You have told me to change my channel, that I am bowing to the enemy and that I am probably the enemy.

        Got all that.

        Now, do you have anything to say about the subject, or just attacking me personally?

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  2. RE: “Hopefully a sign that the people are sick of groveling at the feet of those who hate our country.”

    From the sound of it last night, my neighborhood in central Norfolk was much the same as in South Chesapeake. But I am too cynical to read much hope in it.

    Many of those who hate America most see themselves as patriots. “Protest,” they say, “is the highest form of patriotism.” It isn’t, but I am reminded there was to be a huge fireworks show at the conclusion of Hillary’s victory gala in 2016.

    All the same, good on the Californians who repudiated their governor’s cancelation order. We Virginians should do the same.


    1. Hillary’s fireworks were the co-option of the trappings of patriotism for publicity, the defiant private displays when state and local governments downplay love of country is what real patriotism looks like.


    1. Encouraging news. So why is the administration pulling authorization for the drug?

      “However, several weeks ago the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) yanked hydroxychloroquine’s emergency use authorization, citing data from a large randomized controlled trial that showed no difference between using hydroxychloroquine and standard COVID-19 treatment.“

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      1. Always up to the minute, the FDA acted on the report in Lancet that has been retracted.

        The FDA has no business telling doctors what drugs they can use for what purpose.


        1. Perhaps someone ought to tell the president if that is the case. It is his administration and his appointees that have been running the show for 3 1/2 years now. That includes HHS and all its branches.

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    2. …”Zelenko will get a Congressional Medal of Freedom.”

      Not the badge of honor it once was. Rush Limbaugh got one and all he does his fuel the flames of hatred and divisiveness that Trump himself started.


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