Once again, Northam brings Virginians together.

BLM and Boogaloo join in support of 2nd Amendment

Both sides can’t stand him.

25 thoughts on “Once again, Northam brings Virginians together.

        1. In your world, then, throwing bricks, smashing windows and tearing down statues must not count as violence.


          1. Please, get real. The agenda of the Bugaloo is violence. The agenda of BLM is social justice.

            Now, if some protesters are violent in the mass demonstrations early on, that would be hard to avoid. We know that looters and some agitators caused a lot of problems when they blended in with thousands of protesters.

            This debate is at a dead end.

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          2. RE: “The agenda of BLM is social justice.”

            No. The agenda of BLM is revolution.

            It must be nice to live in a fantasy world were left-wing extremists are paragons of virtue, even when their behavior causes whole neighborhoods to burn.


        2. Where have you been for years now. On an isolated island in the Pacific? So in your world mass destruction, looting, assault and forceful taking of property is not violence? Really??


          1. I wish I were on an isolated island until this virus is history.

            Upwards of a million people have protested the police killings. Maybe a few hundred were violent. True, they can and did cause a lot of damage,

            A lot have been arrested and will face stiff sentences in most cases.

            Of course, it is fodder for the endless video feeds of violence by media on the right.

            I’ve already been told I must approve of the violence.

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    1. That’s a pretty serious accusation, can you support it with any facts?

      I am not interested in what people who know nothing about them say about them, which is what you seem to base your opinion on, an unsupported opinion based on unsupported opinions.

      Can you provide an example of an act of aggression on their part? Can you provide a cite to a racist statement from them?

      All i can find(and Facebook has “cancelled” their pages so they are hard to find, is that they believe that we have gone past the point of no return and that an armed revolution will be required to restore the United States to its Constitutional basis.

      I hope they are wrong and that persuasion is still possible but they advocate PREPARING for that revolution, they do not advocate starting one,and much less a race war. Some chapters say a race war is likely and again PREPARING for the possibility is necessary, but I find no advocacy for such a war and nor racist agenda at all.

      But since you are such an expert on them., please provide the evidence to support your accusations.


      1. Lets start with Wikipedia:


        “Participants often identify themselves as libertarian and say they are preparing for, or seek to incite, a second American Civil War, which they call the “boogaloo”



        Then we have this gentleman.


        And the list continues:


        I think those links will provide the answer as to whether they have participated in acts of aggression and are also anti-government and police. And that they are using the Floyd protests for cover.

        I am sure there are more examples, but these should answer your concerns about Bugaloo.

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        1. So, someone says “let’s boogie” and that makes him a spokesman for the movement?

          If a drug dealer kills an informant and says “Black Lives Matter” does that make BLM responsible for the killing?

          Again, I am not interested in what someone else says about the movement. they have spokesmen, what do THEY say?

          But you’re going to have to look since Google, Facebook and twitter have silenced them.


          1. Here is a suggestion. Perhaps you can do the research and refute what I found.

            The reason they don’t show up with minutes from a board meeting of the top executives is that they are a terrorist group, loosely connected by ideology.

            Like ISIS.

            Site that I can’t get into like 4chan private sections have some of the information you want.


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          2. Really?

            Did you read anything I posted links for?

            These people were arrested after committing violence.

            You are so concerned about BLM because of some references to more communal thinking by organizers. Yet, the idea that some like minded folks prefer to rile things up to start a race war is just “fun”.

            You have no problem with believing in a “deep state”. That is all based on opinions by those who oppose government.

            What is the difference between lone wolves inspired by ISIS and those guys arrested with guns, Molotov cocktails, emails, even Hawaiian shirts as the “signature”.

            Have you slipped to the “dark side”?

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          3. Again, those were statements ABOUT Boogaloo boys not BY them

            Those who identified themselves as followers or who were suspected of being followers provided no evidence of connection to the organization.

            And, since they have been “canceled’ from social media, there is no way to check if they were actively involved.

            Last weekend, 5 children under 10 were shot to death by people who could every bit as easily be connected to BLM.


          4. “… people who could every bit as easily be connected to BLM.”

            Why? Because they were black?

            I am first generation Nordic. The gunmen arrested in Las Vegas could just as easily have been me, right? I’m white, Northern European. Why not?

            There is an effort to describe BLM as a violent movement.

            Is there any proof that violence is part of their stated agenda?

            You dismiss the bugaloo because we don’t have their written by-laws and minutes from meetings held every other Tuesday.

            Yet those caught have enough evidence to show the efforts are not in total isolation. You suggested that they are just law abiding militia guys trying to save the country.

            How? By killing officials?

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          5. Not simply because they were black, more because they happened in cities where BLM protests provided cover for rioting, looting, and general lawlessness.

            The point being that the shooters could just as easily claim to be inspired by BLM as the conspirators you used as examples claimed to be inspired by Boogaloo.

            You are accusing the Boogaloo movement of being racially driven on absolutely no credible evidence, and in spite of their finding common ground with BLM.

            Since you’re so big on guilt by association, will you now accuse BLM of being a White Supremacist organization because they combined protests with Boogaloo?

            You simply do not know enough about them to make the accusations you do, and that is especially true since Google and Facebook has silenced them, leaving you with nothing to go on but their detractors.


          6. “You are accusing the Boogaloo movement of being racially driven on absolutely no credible evidence”…

            I’ve seen where their goal is to start a race war. If that ain’t racially driven, I’m not sure anyone can properly define it.

            Denial and obfuscation, plus no accountability for actions of those they agree with. The NEW Libertarian philosophy in Hampton Roads.


          7. You’ve seen that where?

            They have denied it, and I see no evidence of it.

            Os the organization guilty simply because they have been accused?

            Since Google and Facebook have eliminated pretty much all of their social media presence, it is impossible to determine what is true.


          8. So what?

            Those are just unsupported opinions of people who dislike any 2nd Amendment supporter.

            If a looter calls himself a BLM protestor, does that make all BLM protestors looters?


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