Leadership lesson from 1863


Rabbi Genack provides a great lesson for our leaders today.

“True leadership is demonstrated by the humility to admit your own mistakes, the graciousness to thank those with whom you disagree when they turn out to be right, and the compassion to refrain from criticizing subordinates when their errors, even though serious, were the result of mitigating circumstances. Would that our leaders take Lincoln’s example to heart and mold their method of governing in the image of his noble stewardship.” (Italics added)

Something to consider the next time praise is heaped on President Trump… BY President Trump.

One thought on “Leadership lesson from 1863

  1. In my thinking, you can lead through respect or fear.

    Both may be effective in the short run, but only respect will get the long lasting and loyal following of your subordinates.

    According to the opinion by the Rabbi, in my understanding at least, empathy is critical. Understanding why those in your charge do what they do and the circumstances involved can make the difference between successful leadership and tyranny.

    Geniuses accomplish nothing without others to carry out their plans.

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