Europe enacts travel bans for Russia, Brazil and US.

Two favorite autocrats are in charge of those other countries: Putin and Bolsonaro.

A reversal of our fortune.

“Countries on the E.U. draft lists have been selected as safe based on a combination of epidemiological criteria. The benchmark is the E.U. average number of new infections — over the past 14 days — per 100,000 people, which is currently 16 for the bloc. The comparable number for the United States is 107, while Brazil’s is 190 and Russia’s is 80, according to a Times database.“

“A prohibition of Americans by Brussels partly reflects the shifting pattern of the pandemic. In March, when Europe was the epicenter, Mr. Trump infuriated European leaders when he banned citizens from most European Union countries from traveling to America. Mr. Trump justified the move as necessary to protect the United States, which at the time had roughly 1,100 coronavirus cases and 38 deaths.“

Can’t say as I blame the world since we are the epicenter.

4 thoughts on “Europe enacts travel bans for Russia, Brazil and US.

  1. So, it was wrong for Trump to close travel from Europe when they were at their peak, but it is right for Europe to close travel from us when were are where they were a couple of months ago.

    A bit of consistency would be nice.

    Northam is starting phase 3 in VA on July 1, but were I in his place, I would make that contingent on general compliance on masks by the public.

    If large numbers of Virginians are pig-headed about wearing masks, it should be back to phase 1.

    BTW the metric of percentage of positive tests is utterly useless with the criteria for testing being widened.


    1. The other number that doesn’t get the same amount of press is hospitalizations, which is also going up. Along with an increase in the number of positive cases in younger adults.

      But here is another metric that has noting to do with the number of tests being conducted: 5% death rate in the US, based on AXIOS coronavirus dashboard this morning. That is not related to testing, it is just death.


  2. Don, I did not say it was right or wrong for either closing.

    To remind those who see with blinders:

    My complaint was not that Trump closed the traffic (somewhat, he left the biggest infection rate, UK, out for another few days or so) it was the way it was done. Spur of the moment, no consult with officials, airlines, airports etc. so they were totally, completely unprepared. Big crowds jammed together for hours then spreading out across the country. Stupid move, ignoring the obvious.

    Next, my post was just to demonstrate that the rest of the developed world has done better, opening up and moving on. We are still getting 30,000 new cases every day, up from 20,000 just a week or two ago. We are now on the banned list. Europe has dozens of borders, we have two. So why are we surging?

    “If large numbers of Virginians are pig-headed about wearing masks, it should be back to phase 1.”

    Well, then you can bet “Mr. #LIBERATE would rile up the minority of idiots who feel their rights are in jeopardy to wear a mask in a store. They will bring guns and spray spittle in the face of troopers like they did in Michigan.

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