Armed white militia groups are starting to kill people during protests

Killings and shootings by “militia” and “bugaloo” bums.

“Domestic right-wing extremists have killed over 300 people in the United States in the last 10 years, a new study finds, with a deadly attack at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, closing out a decade marked by white nationalist terror.”

“There were 42 murders in the U.S. committed by extremists in 2019, according to the Anti-Defamation League’s annual “Murder and Extremism” report published Wednesday. Of those murders, 38 were committed by people subscribing to far-right ideologies.”

These are the groups that need to be labeled “terorist” by the president. Of course, the law says we can’t do that since they are not of foreign origin.

And, I suspect that since they are more than likely part of the Trump base, we will see kid gloves on them instead of the much maligned, hard to find, disorganized “Antifa”…rulers of the underworld. Have they killed anyone?

#LIBERATE may be giving these wingnut militias the 007 “permission”, a license to kill.


14 thoughts on “Armed white militia groups are starting to kill people during protests

  1. RE: “These are the groups that need to be labeled ‘terrorist’ by the president. Of course, the law says we can’t do that since they are not of foreign origin.”

    The FBI has been tracking right-wing extremist groups in the U.S. as “domestic terrorists” for a very long time. It takes all of about 10 seconds to confirm this. Found at random, for example, is this transcript of Senate testimony from 2002:


    1. Yes and no. We have always tracked terrorists. But after 9/11, the emphasis was on radical Islamic terror groups.

      Trump wants to label Antifa as a terrorist organization with all the legal ramifications that entails. So far as I understand, he cannot do that since they are 1) unorganized (it is more an ideology than a movement) and 2) domestic. The domestic part is the sticking point because the First Amendment provides some protection for groups to speak out, gather, lobby, etc. no matter how odious the message. This same reasoning should protect right wing militias from the “terrorist” designation until we change the laws.

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  2. I think I will start labeling random criminals as left-wing thieves and far-left child molesters instead of just calling them criminals. Perhaps that way I can be employed by the MSM.

    The LA Times story puts right-wing or far-right into almost every sentence yet it does not point to a single bit of evidence that any of these people hold conservative views on anything,

    One might think that the MSM is deliberately trying to tar conservatism by association with every nutcase that comes along.


    1. White supremacists, neo-Nazis, various militias etc., don’t get along very well with liberal and progressive ideas. Many are fervently anti-immigrant in addition to being anti-Semitic and racists. . So they may not fit your definition of conservative right wing, but they sure as hell didn’t vote for Bill Clinton, Obama or Hillary. In fact they were thrilled at Trump’s victory and made no attempt to restrain their adulation and praise.

      They prefer to “conserve” the Northern European ethnic roots, Caucasian power, and authoritarian leadership. Perhaps the right wing is just more to their liking.

      They are trash. So let’s call them non-liberal trash if you like.

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      1. How about just calling them what they are and not try to tar others by association?

        Even if you could establish that racists preferred conservative policy over liberal policy, that does not mean that conservatives support racists, any more than Antifa preferring liberal policy would mean that you support antifa.


  3. Regarding the New Mexico shooting, the CNN account is false.

    The man arrested, Steven Baca, did not brandish his concealed handgun. he simply spoke against the crowd that was vandalizing a statue of a Conquestador. The mob shouted him down and rushed him. He immediately retreated but the mob pursued. The first to reach him was a woman, who he pushed off when she attacked him, he fled another 30 yards or more as the mob closed in on him.Only when he could retreat no further did he draw his handgun and fire at one of the attackers. The mob then dispersed.

    The New Mexico Civil Guard members, who were not involved in the original confrontation came to the sound of the gunshots and placed themselves between Baca and the mob until the police arrived.

    There are a number of videos showing what happened. Here are some. See for yourself

    videos of New Mexico incident


      1. Actually, that video is pretty chopped up, but the portion that shows him pushing off a woman is a cut from one of the videos in the link I posted. What the edited fragment in your cite does not show is that he had retreated at least 20 yards before the woman caught up with him and attacked him.

        Again, refer to the first video in the cite I provided which is unedited and shows him retreating ling before touching anyone or displaying his handgun.

        And again, BOTH cites show that the militia members did not provoke anyone as CNN claimed, and arrived after the shots were fired to end the violence while waiting for police.

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