When the manure hits the air circulator

Pilot: Gun sales soar

All sorts of people who would never think of owning a gun suddenly see the light.

Nothing like rioting, looting and police looking the other way to show the importance of the 2nd Amendment.

If you still question why we need 30 round magazines, turn on the news.

20 thoughts on “When the manure hits the air circulator

      1. How does the mixing of images in a misleading manner contribute to violence by those who have not seen the images? (unless they had a time machine)

        It is important to distinguish between protestors and rioters and looters.

        There are legitimate reasons to protest racial targeting by police but the riots and looting increasingly seem to be motivated more bitter anarchy and nihilism among people who simply want to destroy the Rule of Law.


        1. The mixing made it seem that there was violence in the no cop zone when there wasn’t any.

          So then that riled up FOX viewers, just what we need more of (sarcasm alert).

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          1. There most certainly was violence in Seattle though there may be relative peace now.

            But the point remains that violence cannot be inspired by images that were published several days after the violence occurred.


          2. I didn’t say Seattle had no violence. I said the images were doctored to show violence in the area for the story about the no cop zone, and even used an image of a burning building from Minneapolis.

            Fake News designed to make a story seem much, much worse than it was. By one of the biggest news organizations and Trump campaign folks.

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  1. According to the Pilot article, store owners are reporting it is mostly new gun buyers. I wonder how many are just buying guns from that particular store for the first time. A true measure would be a database showing if the new purchases are actually from current owners who are just building up their arsenals. Not that the database itself should be public, but the numbers only data could be made available.

    As far as the 30 round magazine; you overstate the problem, as usual.


    1. I think you can trust the gun shop owners judgment. It’s not that hard for them to tell experienced gun buyers from first timers.

      There is probably a 99.9% chance that any individual will never need to protect himself from rioters or looters. But the 1 in 1000 who does face a riot will need all the firepower he can carry.


      1. “I think you can trust the gun shop owners judgment.”

        Why? Because you say so? I would rather have hard factual data than the thoughts of a retailer when it comes to this.


        1. The “data” you want to rely does not exist. There is no way to know for sure if a person has purchased a firearm before or in another state.

          So, the opinion of the shop owners, who have years of experience selling firearms to new and seasoned owners is the best information available.


  2. Yes, there is definitely a need when rioters and looters are allowed to take control of areas of cities run by spineless Democrats and who claim autonomy. I say fine, block all access roads, cease pedestrian traffic in and out, stop trash pickup and shut off water and sewage. It is now a controlled border and they are on their own. Idiots…


      1. Wyoming has its fair share of “loonies” as well. Idaho and Nevada, as well. Why aren’t you spouting off against those “separatists”? Oh wait. They are YOUR separatists.


          1. Keep going back to the looting. it doesn’t help you. It makes you appear small and lack understanding of the situation.

            No surprise really.

            Separating separatists because you agree with half of them and not the other is just another form of hypocrisy. -IMO


          2. You’re the one who’s not getting it.

            The protests are lawful and proper. A bit overwrought perhaps, but understandable.

            The problem lies with the anarchists and separatists who have co-opted the protest for causes that have nothing to so with George Floyd or even police misconduct, and with the looters who are seizing on the protests to rationalize simple criminality.

            The protests may have initially been about Floyd, but he has been forgotten in favor of a millenial version of communist anarchism and nihilism where the world is run from their parent’s basements by eternal children who couldn’t make it as night managers at Burger King.

            So, they’re having a mass tantrum with no idea of what would satisfy them.


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