18 thoughts on “Protests worldwide about racial justice

    1. To you, everyone not a libertarian is a left wing loser.

      That’s fine, of course. I just found out I am not as brilliant as I evidently thought I was. And was told so in no uncertain terms.

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      1. So?

        Are you denying that the protest over Floyd’s death has been replaced by a generalized ‘social justice’ protest that masks violent anarchists?


        1. The protests in this country are all about the policing, minorities and the justice system. Demonstrations by minorities deep down have always been about the lingering racism that we just can’t seem to get rid of.

          “Masks” for violent anarchism implies the purpose. That would be like saying the Confederate heritage folks in Charlottesville were just masks for the Nazis. If that were truly the case, and we can debate this all day, then Trump was wrong. There were no fine people on that side.

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        2. …”protest that masks violent anarchists?”

          It seems to me you are overstating what is really going on. Hyperbole does not help your side of the discussion.

          Very few people are looking for anarchy. The greatest majority of people are looking for justice for all. Ya know like …”with Liberty and Justice for all”. Remember that phrase?

          And what is wrong with the idea of “social justice”? Your hyperbolic comment that it is a mask for anarchists is laughable at best. And dangerous at worst.

          Your privilege is showing BIG TIME.


    2. Re: “. . . hissy-fit . . . ”

      Got to say, the use of that particular phrase was more than a little snicker-worthy – considering the actual “hissy-fits” we witness from the fellow in the oval office daily, if not hourly, judging from his tweets.

      Just wish we could see if his hands are planted on his hips and his feet are stomping (like an unruly 4-year-old.)

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    3. RE: “a general hissy-fit of left wing losers”

      I agree with the assessment, if not the exact characterization. But I’m struck more by the easy fomentations of mob rule by our media and political institutions. The riots and bedlam are the direct product of psychological manipulation on a massive scale.


      1. …”riots and bedlam “…

        Haven’t seen much of that lately. Seen a lot of peaceful protests calling for racial equality.

        “left-wing losers”.

        Seems like the “winners” are pretty sore about it. SOoooooo much winning going on you can’t stand it? The true losers in this country are those who believed in Trump and now realize they were sold a great big bottle of snake oil.

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  1. Quite honestly, people around the world are protesting all kinds of things so there is no central focus. It started as a protest of a tragic death at the hands of a police officer, then it became BLM, then it became “racial equality” and who knows what the next theme will be. People in Europe think they are protesting white supremacist Nazi organizations. The whole thing has devolved into an unorganized abyss of no one knowing what they are truly protesting and, most strikingly, no clue what they want that they think will “fix” things. Typical left wing screaming, crying, babbling, destruction and rioting with no answers beyond some ideological nirvana.


    1. “The whole thing has devolved into an unorganized abyss of no one knowing what they are truly protesting and, most strikingly, no clue what they want that they think will “fix” things.”

      The fact that there is no central organizer is what makes the protest worldwide so amazing.

      All the reasons you touted from the murder of Floyd to White Supremacists are all rooted to the same issue. Racial injustice and intolerance.

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      1. ” Racial injustice and intolerance.”

        He doesn’t believe it is happening because he hasn’t 1) been personally affected by it, and 2) he may well be one of the perpetrators of it. His words sure do lean that way.

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      2. There is nothing “amazing” about it. Just a squabblefest of a few hundred here a couple thousand there full of violence and destruction and no one agrees on what they are protesting much less what they want.


    2. …destruction and rioting”…

      Well seeing as that has not been happening, you may want to change your tune. Adn your diaper.

      “People in Europe think they are protesting white supremacist Nazi organizations”

      Could it be that is how they view American police forces?

      Your idea of maintaining the status quo is your choice. Stay on the wrong side of history and you can be swept into the dustbin of history with the Confederacy and the Nazis. And eventually, your hero in orange hair and fake tan skin.

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      1. Has not been happening??? Have you been sleeping all of this time? Now this comment is an even bigger laugh at a lefty than the other. Babble, babble, babble….


        1. The protests have becoming more and more peaceful as time has gone on. You continue to live in the past (1860’s America is one time frame). The peaceful protesters are doing more and more to quell the antagonists who have attempted to take over the protests for their own ideological fight (left and right).

          It appears you are still asleep at the wheel. Buckle up, Mr. Smith. You are headed for a crash.

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