Why the Pentagon Would Rather Not Get Involved

Watching the video again is well worth the minutes it takes to look it up on any of the news sites.  What is seen when that solitary man, groceries in hand, stops that line of tanks to defend the protesters in Tiananmen Square from a military advance is nothing less than an amazing act of courage.  No one could deny that.

On the other hand, in the Pentagon, this is also seen as a dangerously mammoth breakdown in discipline — a true Capt. John Yossarian moment — by that tank crew.  The fates of the man and the tank crew are unknown, a totalitarian advantage.

In our democracy, with cameras rolling, all it could take is for one soldier, unwilling to harm or kill a fellow countryman, to initiate the collapse of a trillion dollar army.

3 thoughts on “Why the Pentagon Would Rather Not Get Involved

  1. In order to take over a country from within, a budding autocrat needs the military.

    In our country, however, the military is scattered through the nation and lives among us in communities far and wide. That seems to be a good safety switch.

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