Virginia mask mandate has Republicans in hissy fit

“Republicans rebuffed the mask mandate, calling it executive overreach coming from a hypocritical, inconsistent governor who didn’t wear a mask this weekend in Virginia Beach.”

Governor Northam already apologized for his not wearing a mask at the beach.

“He said he left his mask in the car, and takes “full responsibility” for his lack of preparedness. He said he wasn’t there “with the intention of being involved with the public,” but was there to speak with Virginia Beach Mayor Bobby Dyer and reporters.”

“People held me accountable and I appreciate that,” he said.”

Gee, a political leader admitting his mistakes and apologizing.

More to the point of the article, however, is why the Republicans are so up in arms about a simple, commonsense, and medically valid rule to wear a mask in public venues and crowds.

I have to ask if they are just in denial, ignorant (like the GA governor who was surprised that asymptomatic people could be contagious, or another top GOP leader who was surprised to learn that people, lots of them, died from the flu each year…go figure) or trying desperately to create political divides. As if we need more reasons.

I suppose we will get the assaults on the minimum wage store clerks by recalcitrant right wingers who demand their friggin’ right to infect the rest of us. That seems to be a contagion all its own.


16 thoughts on “Virginia mask mandate has Republicans in hissy fit

  1. Well, by my observations of the WalMart, Home Depot and Harris Teeter parking lots, if all these people refusing to wear masks are Republicans, then the Democrats have lost the Black vote.


    1. I am sure there are idiots from all political persuasions.

      But in my post, it is the Republican political leadership that is crying like babies, and unfortunately there are jerks who will take that as permission to act accordingly.

      Trump bashed a reporter for wearing a mask as being “politically correct”. Really, WTF. His press secretary bashed a Biden for wearing one in a public venue.

      These are a stupid and ignorant moves. Indefensible. One thing for Trump to hurl insults and thrive on conspiracy theories that hurt innocent folks.

      A whole “nuther one to encourage dangerous behavior in a national crisis. Like #LIBERATE that encourages armed insurrection among the right yahoo’s.

      Not the time for playing his silly games anymore.

      If this behavior is looking out for the safety and security of Americans then he needs to think again.

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      1. “Trump bashed a reporter for wearing a mask as being “politically correct”. Really, WTF. His press secretary bashed a Biden for wearing one in a public venue.”




          “ “Oh OK, because you want to be politically correct. Go ahead,” Trump said.

          “No sir, I just want to wear the mask,” the reporter said.”

          “McEnany said when asked about the tweet. “It is a bit peculiar though that in his basement right next to his wife he’s not wearing a mask but he’s wearing one outdoors when he’s socially distancing so I think that there was a discrepancy there.”

          (That has to be near the top of ignorant statements.)

          Video showed Trump on the factory floor talking to Ford executives who were wearing masks.

          “Not necessary,” Trump said, when a reporter asked why he was not wearing a facial covering.

          “Everybody’s been tested and I’ve been tested.”

          “Trump also claimed “I had one [a mask] on before,” in an area that was not visible to reporters, but added, “I didn’t want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it.”

          So the point is simple. The administration is trying hard to make mask wearing a political issue not a medical one. Why should people who follow Trump not do as he does. These mocks of mask wearers emphasizes that. Now tell us about the Walmart parking lot where you observed people not wearing masks.

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          1. OK, thanks. Note that President Trump asked the reporter to temporarily lower his mask because he could not make out the reporter’s question. It was when the reported declined to do so that he commented on political correctness as an explanation.

            The Biden comment by McEnany was in reference to Biden wearing a mask outdoors with no one close to him but his wife as an unnecessary display. I agree that is picky and setting a good example even when unnecessary is not a bad thing.


        1. You’re kidding right? Hyperbole is nowhere to be found, yet you try to tag it that way when you disagree. Don asked for a cite to a comment and Len provided it, with quotes. Sorry if facts get in the way of your narrative.

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    2. Part of that MAY have something to do with the fact that many people, possibly even some folks on this forum, feel that a black person wearing a mask is a threat to your safety. And if all they want to do is get their groceries or home improvement materials, they don’t want to be followed around or pointed out for being black and wearing a mask.


      1. Either way, the claim that it is all Republicans resisting wearing a mask is unfounded.

        It may be true that Republicans are disproportionately making it a political issue than simple selfish disinterest on other’s safety.


        1. …”the claim that it is all Republicans resisting wearing a mask is unfounded”

          I didn’t see where it is ALL Republicans. I do see where it is Republican POLITICIANS for the most part.

          And it is GOPers who are making it a political issue. The cheap shots about others wearing masks comes distinctly form the right.


        2. Either way, the results are the same.

          I didn’t mean to say that ALL Republicans are balking, just that many in the leadership are.

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  2. The GOP across the country is becoming even more dangerous than usual.

    The legislative GOP leadership could have easily stated that some of their members had tested positive or were exposed to the virus without saying “who”. (But HIPPAA….) But instead they only told their own and left the Democrats out there and being potentially exposed by GOP members they serve with. WTF?


  3. This article was on Tuesday, the official announcement wasn’t until Wednesday and it was still unclear what the rules were. Even the news was saying just “in public”, meaning everywhere, not just “inside”. And then Northam talks out of the side of his mouth, oh sorry, i left it in the car, blah, blah, blah. WTF? Most of the complaint arises from the inconsistencies in the mandate like it’s a class 1 misdameaner but business has to enforce the law. The pilot even wrote an editorial on that. WTF? Northam is the hypocrisy king with his oh sorry excuses and last second denials of his picture wearing blackface amongst others. WTF? Just sayin…
    Take a pill dude.


    1. He did something that Trump doesn’t even know how to do: Take responsibility for his mistakes.

      Has he stumbled. Oh, hell yes. But when he is called out for those stumbles, he takes accountability for them and doesn’t blame, Bob McDonell, Donald Trump, or YOU.

      And you and Little Falwell can go ahead and wear your little “blackface masks” and show how “responsible” you are. Childish.

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