WSJ questions Trump’s chaotic approach to governance and global power.


In case paywalled:

”Theatricality has always been central to Mr. Trump’s political method. As an insurgent populist candidate, and as an incumbent who nevertheless wants to run as an outsider fighting an entrenched system, he thrives on conflict and drama.
Yet even for Mr. Trump there can be too much of a good thing. The cascading crises ricocheting across the world threaten to become so acute and so overwhelming that they upstage him. Manageable crises can make a president look big; unmanageable ones can make him look small. For Mr. Trump, looking small would be fatal.“

“For Mr. Trump, restoring American economic strength involves fighting what he sees as a profoundly unfair global trading system and the major abuses of that system both by adversaries like China and friends like Germany, India, South Korea and Japan. Mr. Trump’s security concerns about China highlight a need for deeper relations with key allies, but his concerns about the foundations of American power lead to bitter quarrels with those allies he needs the most.
Neither the president nor his aides have been able to resolve this issue, and inconsistency has taken a heavy toll on American credibility. Mr. Pompeo’s predecessor, Rex Tillerson, lost the confidence of foreign leaders because he was seen not to have Mr. Trump’s ear; now the administration as a whole is losing respect because too many foreign leaders, friendly and otherwise, have concluded that Mr. Trump’s policies don’t add up.”

Interesting analysis from NewsCorp. The author is a fellow at the Hudson Institute, a conservative think tank specializing in global affairs.

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