Northam hints at requiring masks

Pilot: Northam and masks

Northam has hinted that he will issue an order Tuesday requiring the wearing of masks in public places.

It disgusts me that he is probably right.

In Federalist 51, Madison opined that ‘If men were angels, no government would be necessary.’ The sad corollary is that in a nation of selfish sociopaths, a police state is required.

Wile I have written that people should wear masks out if concern for others voluntarily just because it is the right thing to do, a rare trip outside the compound to Home Depot has convinced me that we have enough selfish sociopaths among us that it will be necessary for government to step in. That breaks my heart.

But I found myself in the minority of customers there wearing a mask or making any effort to keep distance, and worse, fewer than half the employees were masked.

People often point to the better outcome in the pandemic in South Korea and Japan as an example of what our government should be doing, but in reality, it is what the people there are doing. They have worn masks to protect others during flu season for decades without any legal requirement to do so, and that is what makes the difference, a concern for others.

It is shameful that our citizens cannot take that choice just because it is the right thing to do.

13 thoughts on “Northam hints at requiring masks

  1. I have noticed the same thing. I do the outside travel for us and I carry several masks in the car.

    The place I have noticed that has the greatest compliance is Costco. Probably because of the number of older people and Asians that shop there.

    Of course this is why we have about 30% of all the infections and deaths with 5% of the world’s population.

    It seems that when the common good is in play, we have a lot of entitled “Americans” who bellow behind the vague notions of freedom without understanding that responsibilities come with that. That photo of a protester screaming in the face of the state trooper in Michigan comes to mind.

    Unfortunately , we have a president who encourages such behavior with his #LIBERATE nonsense. And his refusal to wear a mask adds justification to those who deny the dangers.

    Meanwhile, we are hunkering down in a neighborhood that is somewhat isolated, quiet and with good neighbors young and not so young

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  2. We went to Lowe’s, oh, maybe two weeks ago. We were the only customers wearing masks. Half the employees had them protecting their chins and foreheads.

    Sadly, there are some people who are psychotics, and sorry Doc, they’re nearly 100% right wing nuts, who will not wear a mask, and some people who will just succumb to the hassle.

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      1. That is interesting. Most of the ones wearing masks in my adventures are African-Americans. Not all, to be sure. Along with the Asians.

        But more than the Caucasians.

        I figured it was because the black population has gotten the message that the virus is killing them at a greater proportion.

        But maybe we don’t go to the same stores.

        I find that the Ghent Fresh Market and Harris Teeter seem to be decently compliant compared to the Harris Teeter at Wards Corner. As a matter of fact, Fresh Market in Ghent was passing out face masks, plastic disposable gloves like they use in the meat department and had a full supply of wipes to clean the cart handles.

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  3. We were at Home Depot, Costco and Harris Teeter for a short time at each place today and I witnessed the same thing.

    Many of them were older people.

    I don’t know if it’s selfishness, arrogance or ignorance, but I would think no one wants to catch this thing or even take a chance of spreading some germs they have no idea they have. None of these people appeared to be without funds to acquire some form of coverage for their face, so I’m perplexed.

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    1. Yeah, I have lost a number of friends over this. people who came to the Libertarian party not understanding that Liberty is only possible if people do the right thing without a government gun to their head.

      Liberty and responsibility are inseparable, it is not for selfish sociopaths who lack any concern for others.


        1. True, but it goes beyond simple ‘non-aggression’

          Living as a Libertarian requires an active concern for your fellow citizens. For example: If we take care of those who truly cannot care for themselves through private charity and individual action then we don’t need a welfare state.

          Compassion and volunteerism go beyond simple non-aggression but they are necessary if we are to be free of government growth. (That’s where Ayn Rand parts with Libertarians)


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