A little something for everyone: the Trump Trap…how real is it?


The key line I think is: “It’s often said that Trump’s brand of politics requires him to identify enemies—people want to see who he’s against. What’s overlooked is Trump’s brand of politics requires other people to identify him as the enemy.”

I have said many times that the media is not “the enemy”, it is the unwitting co-conspirator to Trump’s brand of divisive populism. “Useful idiots” to a master manipulator. Trump himself has said that all publicity is good, whether it is bad or not. Being ignored is worse than being vilified or fact checked.

Of course, it pays to remember that his support is still around 2/5ths of the citizenry. It never changed more than a percent or two no matter the political or economic atmosphere.

And that he lost the popular vote by 2.5 million. Also, the polls were correct in 2016. Predictions were based on that, so it seemed like a major error when 3 major states flipped by less than 77,000 votes. I don’t think the anti-Biden Democrats in 2020 are nearly as strong an influence as the anti-Clinton ones in 2016. Many anti-Clinton Democrats didn’t vote or went Green Party out of protest.

As chaotic as the Democrats often seem, the importance of replacing Trump and taking the Senate are strongly unifying.


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