ls this for real? Wow.

I just read on The Washington Post that ‘djt’ has been taking hydroxychloroquine for a week or so:

“President Trump told reporters on Monday that he has been taking hydroxychloroquine for about a week and a half and that the White House physician knows he is taking the anti-malaria drug despite the fact he continues to test negative for the coronavirus.”

35 thoughts on “ls this for real? Wow.

  1. I do not endorse taking HCQ prophylactically simply because if we all did, it would deplete the supply, but would I like to have a bottle in my medicine cabinet to take in the event I thought I was exposed. Hell yes.

    HCQ does have significant antiviral properties. Probably not enough to stop the infection entirely but at least enough to limit its spread in the body. Less viral growth means less of an over-response by the immune system. HCQ is also a potent immune system regulator, that’s why it is used in arthritis and lupus.

    So, used early enough, there is good reason to believe it can prevent the development of a life threatening disease course.

    The studies in which it has failed were all done on people who were already seriously ill. If we tested Tamiflu the same way against the regular flu, it would also fail, but used as intended, in the first few days of the infection, it has saved tens of thousands of lives.

    So, don’t discount the value of HCQ, but don’t use it all up before I need it.


    1. Trust this Doc, you’d be better off to take massive quantities of garlic than HCQ. Probably as effective as an antiviral with no fatal side effects… except to your social life.

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      1. HCQ has been safe for 40 years s an antimalarial. arthritis and lupus treatment.

        It has been implicated in causing arrhythmia when used in combination with a Z-pack and in Brazil, where it was used at 4 times the maximum allowed dose.

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          1. Again, if it is being used on those who need hospitalization, whether in the VA system or not, it may already be past its useful window, just as giving Tamiflu too late does no good.


          2. I was making the point that it was tried in the VA system and did not work. Period.

            You seem so anti- to anything I say, you can’t even tell when we are in agreement.


    2. …”don’t use it all up before I need it.”

      Or for those that are taking it for lupus and other viral infections, under the care of a doctor or in a hospital setting.


        1. I’m with you on that. But they are under a doctor’s care and monitoring. My point was that there are people that actually need it and it being unproven as a prophylactic for COVID, it should not be dished out like oxycondone was.


  2. I really have to wonder why Democrats are so terrified that HCQ might prove useful.

    It seems that from the moment President Trump mentioned it as a possible treatment, the Democrat establishment has done everything it could to disparage its use and to seize on apple studies to discount orange uses.


    1. Maybe because DOCTORS, which Trump is not, said it was not a good idea until studied. No one is saying not to study it. DOCTORS and SCIENTISTS are saying until it is proven as an effective treatment at any point in the infection cycle, it should not be used as it has dangerous side effects. By your apparent thinking ALL doctors and scientists MUST be democrats. Hell, even Neal Caputo (also not a doctor, nor even close to a Democrat) said “Don’t take it. It will kill you.”

      It is not a Democratic thing. It is a science thing. With you being a doctor, I have to wonder sometimes if your libertarian thinking and pro-Trump rhetoric blinds you to sciences YOU studied.

      Let me ask you this. If Bruce Thompson, a real estate guy (just like Trump) told you to take something that will solve all of your problems, would you listen to him?


      1. But that’s the problem.

        A lot of doctors believe HCQ to be useful. But they don’t do double blind. peer reviewed studies. Those are done by academic, hospital based doctors. Their experience is dismissed as ‘anecdotal.’

        How many anecdotals does it take to make a ‘study.’

        And the fact that Caputo so overreacted to the news that Trump is taking a drug that hundreds of thousands of people take each day with greater safety than acetaminophen just shows how effective that misinformation campaign has been,


        1. Anecdotal is fine. It gives a good reason to conduct proper testing.

          Caputo didn’t overreact. IMO. Because the other anecdotal evidence in this instance shows the NEGATIVE effects on folks with pre-existing conditions (heart disease, which Trump is reported to suffer from according to his February 2019 physical, among them) will kill you. All the more reason for scientifically proven test methods to determine the actual viability of the drug as a treatment.

          But then the question has to be asked: Why is Trump taking it if he does not have coronavirus? Even you stated that as a prophylactic you would not take it.

          I also noticed you did not address my statement that you appear to believe that all of the scientists and doctors who are actually trying to find answers are Democrats. Nor that you listen to Bruce Thompson for medical advice.

          Who’s misinformation campaign? The facts are that hydroxychloroquine is NOT proven as a remedy for coronavirus? That is not misinformation, that is fact. Even the anecdotal evidence is that it only SHORTENS the time symptoms are present. It is NOT a cure.


          1. Hard to answer in order.

            So, in logical order, I wrote that I do not endorse taking HCQ prophylactically because if everyone did so, we would deplete the supply. However, if I had a supply, I would certainly use it prophylactically if I had reason to believe I had been exposed. As there have been a number of cases among White House and Secret Service personnel that may be why Trump is taking it.

            HCQ is safe to take for all but a few people with very specific arrythmias.

            But how would you test the drug in an outpatient environment? You prescribe the drug and the patient goes away. If he doesn’t get sick, or has a mild case, you never see him again. The only ones who come back are those for whom it does not work, a self selecting sample.

            It was remdesivir that only shortened the stay, not HCQ.

            The anecdotal evidence for HCQ is that it avoids or shortens the critical second phase and makes it less severe.

            Lastly, not all physicians are Democrats, but nearly all academics are, and in any case, the experience of the front line doctors is filtered by the MSM, and you are not hearing about it.


          2. Thank you for the correction on remdesivir.

            I am hearing as much good as bad on it. I would rather be SURE than just take a chance. I’ve done one dance with death already earlier in my life. I am not excited about the prospect of doing another.

            And scientific academics scientific are academics, regardless of political leaning. They also do not cloud their professional judgement with politics. Your accusations that they do is unfair and unfounded.


          3. They don’t cloud their judgment with politics?

            I would have loved to have watched you type that to see what your poker face looks like.

            And again, whatever they say, only what they say that favors Democrats gets reported.


          4. …”40 years was completely wrong.”

            So what you are saying is that advances in science can’t make something that was good in 1980 is bad in 2020? Is the earth still flat in Chesapeake?


          5. No, I am saying that science advances by proving past assumptions and theories to be wrong.

            The official nutrition advice that the government insisted doctors follow for 40 years was not just useless, it is largely responsible for the type 2 diabetes increases in our generation.

            When I was in dental school, almost 50 years ago, my physiology professor told us it was bullshit and that a carbohydrate heavy. low fat diet was a bad idea, but being right did him no good.

            That’s why I cringe every time I hear
            ‘The science says…”

            Scientists are every bit as susseptible to logical fallacies as anyone else, especially confusing correlation with causation.

            That error is hard at work in COVID-19 treatment, as are self selection and complexity worship.


          6. But if a scientist AGREES with with you think is right climate scientists come to mind), then they are G-d’s gift to humanity? I’ve seen you go to great lengths to find science that agrees with your preconceived notions. Hmmm.

            You don’t see it, do you?


          7. No. Luke warmers agree that CO2 from human activities do influence climate but we hold that the effect is greatly exaggerated and benign.

            That has been my position for over a decade and experience has proven us to be correct.


    2. RE: “I really have to wonder why Democrats are so terrified that HCQ might prove useful.”

      Good question. It’s not just HCQ. The same pattern occurs in other contexts, as well.


      1. Too bad he isn’t trying the Lysol and ‘light’ inside the body as well.

        I mean, if he’s going to play the big, scared-of-nothing, macho guinea pig, why not go BIG . . .

        Just sayin’.

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      2. RE: “Why are you and Don politicizing this? It is about science not politics.”

        In my case it is because it is largely Democrats who appear to be having a cow over this story.


      3. Maybe because Democrats are smart enough to not just go by their guts. They believe in science and the law. They study and learn. They pay attention to those who have been working in their respective fields of expertise for decades. Overall, they are just smarter than Trump.

        On the bad side, if Trump does get the virus and doesn’t survive or has a massive heart attack, then President Pence it is. Until January 2021.


  3. At least the new Press Secretary said the right thing about this:

    “White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Tuesday urged Americans to consult with a doctor before taking the drug during an interview on “Fox & Friends.”

    “Any use of hydroxychloroquine has to be in consultation with your doctor. You have to have a prescription. That’s the way it must be done,” McEnany said.””

    *From report on VP Pence NOT taking hydroxychloroquine


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