Buh-Bye, Obamagate.


From the horse’s … mouth “Attorney General William Barr said Monday that he does not expect a criminal investigation of former President Obama or former Vice President Joe Biden to result from the probe undertaken by U.S. Attorney John Durham. “Based on the information I have today, I don’t expect Mr. Durham’s work will lead to a criminal investigation of either man,” Barr told reporters at the Justice Department.

He does go on to say they are looking at others. But the longer the Durham investigation goes on, the less likely it seems that ANYTHING criminal will be found. But the bottom line is there was no “crime of the century perpetrated by Obama or Biden.

And as far as the Flynn unmaking goes, the Vice President is part of the National Security Council. So if Biden was a recipient of the information, it was part of his duties there.

16 thoughts on “Buh-Bye, Obamagate.

  1. Conservatives have waiting anxiously for Durham’s investigation to bag a bunch of ne’er do wells that dared ask why the Trump campaign was so welcoming of Russian interference.

    It sounds like Barr has been getting reports from Durham and it will be more of the same…not much except some sloppy police work.

    As an aside, Trump has been pushing Barr hard to investigate Obama. Almost daily. If Barr says no, I wonder how long he’ll last. Although he has bailed out the presidential butt a few times. And he pardoned Flynn for him.

    Maybe. Judge Sullivan has the last word and he was not thrilled that Flynn lied under oath in his courtroom with two guilty pleas.

    Of course, Mr Trump’s loyalty test is “what have you done for me lately?”.

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  2. President Obama’s use of the Justice Department to spy on a political opponent does not have to be prosecuteable to be a disgrace.

    And no, nothing President Trump has done before or after being elected can excuse that abuse of power.

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    1. It would be if that were the case.

      Opening the investigation has already been shown to be legitimate. And not dependent upon the dossier.

      Considering Trump’s glee at anticipation of Russian assistance, his son practically wetting his pants at getting info from the top echelons in Moscow, Manafort being Putin’s best bud with his support of the now exiled Ukraine president, and the long relationship with Russian oligarchs that are one and the same both organized crime and Putin’s lackeys I would say not investigating the campaign would have been an abrogation of patriotic duty.


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    2. “President Obama’s use of the Justice Department to spy on a political opponent does not have to be prosecuteable to be a disgrace.”

      But he didn’t. Your projection is noted.


        1. Well, there goes the civility.

          The truth is there is no evidence, proof or anything else that can back your statement. Yet you continue to say it. It calls into question YOUR cognitive ability. It is like my 92 year old mother in law who continually asks where her husband is who died in 2000. And when reminded of it she continues to say that it isn’t true. Repeating lies numerous times to not make them true. Trump thinks that way. And now he’s taking a drug that has potential psychological side effects? What, me worry?


        1. If it is the same one the GOP Senate BEGGED Grennel to declassify so they could find ….N-O-T-H-I-N-G? Sure.

          But it once again shows how big of a nothingburger Trump’s claim of Obamagate really is. Even Durham’s investigation is finding very littel to cry about. And Graham’s subpoenas will be as disappointing as BENGHAZI, BENGHAZI, BENGHAZI.

          Why isn’t the response by the administration to the pandemic gripping the country not getting looked at? Oh, right. There is no such thing as GOP oversight of Mr. Trump. But gotta get Obama. Maybe they will next investigate his absence from his portrait unveiling. Has to be something there that is incriminating.



          1. Former President Obama made serious efforts to cripple the ability of the Trump administration to govern effectively, and he is still at it.

            That phony Graduation program that he suckered the networks into running is a prime example. If he is going to continue to throw sand in the gears then it is appropriate for Trump to discredit him.


          2. “Former President Obama made serious efforts to cripple the ability of the Trump administration to govern effectively, and he is still at it.”

            Delusional wishful thinking. Does the phrase “by the book” ring a bell? Trump has been unable to govern efficiently without any efforts by Obama. Does the first 2 years of his presidency come to mind when his party controlled BOTH houses of Congress? Such efficiency, he couldn’t get bupkes accomplished.

            …”it is appropriate for Trump to discredit him.”

            Funny, but no matter how many times he tries, Trump CANNOT discredit Obama. He’s a bully and when a bully gets punched in the nose he runs away and tries something else. And ends up failing miserably. Even Trump’s minions, try as they might, have been unable to come up with anything worth mentioning. Policy disagreements are one thing. But spending as much time on Obama is more of a waste of time and effort than the impeachment proceedings that only failed because Mitch McConnell and the GOP Senators fear the bully.


          3. Actually, what former President was that LAW ENFORCEMENT would be by the book. The selective leaking campaign was most certainly not by the book and in some cases is likely unlawful.


          4. What leaking campaign? You mean Comey announcing the reopening the Clinton email investigation (which showed it was old emails already known) right before the election, but not leaking the investigation of the Trump campaign ties to Russia?

            Your futile attempts sound more and more desperate as you go.


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