IG’s: watchdogs muzzled by the administration?


IG’s are appointed by the president, or his department heads And can be removed at will. Congress has to be notified, but that seems a mere courtesy.

Waste, fraud and abuse are the purview of the IG. Good idea since the administration is spending our money as authorized by Congress. Yet, with the president in charge, who is minding him?

19 thoughts on “IG’s: watchdogs muzzled by the administration?

      1. You can think that in spite of the recent revelations of conspiracy to use the intelligence services for political weaponry going right to the Obama White House?

        Willful blindness much?


        1. Since that is been shown to be crap, the answer is “yes” to what I think.

          “No” to willful blindness.

          I am afraid you are influenced by your hatred of Obama and Democrats, as well as a disinformation program by the desperate GOP and Trump campaign.

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          1. Next Don will be saying that Biden is a pedophile. That’s what Junior shared this weekend. As a “joke”. If that ain’t slander (or libel. I can never remember which is which), I really am not sure what is any more.


          2. There is an obsession with pedophilia from the right wing. Pizzagate keeps popping up in variation shapes and permutations. I’m starting to wonder if that isn’t projection. Trump admired Epstein for his love of beautiful girls. “It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.” Yeah, they sure were.

            Labeling Scarborough as a murderer is along the same line of slander.

            Considering Trump’s past wheeling and dealing among the Mafia, Russian oligarchs, casino magnates, money laundering, etc., are we dealing with more projection?

            And then there is Trump’s mentor, Roy Cohn.

            “In the 1950s, as chief counsel to Senator Joseph McCarthy, Cohn wasn’t just a key player in the anti-Communist witch hunts of the time. He also persecuted men in the State Department who were suspected of being gay, despite being a closeted gay man himself. Later, he became a consigliere to New York’s mafia families, some of whom also had ties to Trump, even as he ranted about law and order.”

            These are the roots from which our current regime derives its values. Value that thankfully about 3/5ths of our fellow Americans reject.


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          3. Gary Kasparov did a nice job on describing projection on Twitter yesterday. (Compliments of The Bulwark newsletter.)

            “If you’re a thief, accuse your enemies of thievery. If corrupt, accuse your rivals of corruption. If a coward, accuse others of cowardice. Evidence is irrelevant; the goal is to dilute the truth and the case against you with “everyone does it.”

            The Trump playbook in a nutshell. -IMHO.

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  1. RE: “Yet, with the president in charge, who is minding him?”

    The article notes that a replacement for the outgoing IG has been named. Unless there is some reason to suspect the new IG won’t do his job, it doesn’t make sense to pretend there is some sort of wrongdoing here.


    1. What was wrong with the one replaced?

      Did he rob a bank? Steer business to hotels owned by friends.

      I know, it’s just taxpayer monies the IG’s are supposed to watch over, so who cares?

      If Secretary Pompeo’s wife wants her car washed by a GS 18, who’s business is it?

      Sorry, it might have been a GS 12. Or so I’ve been told…by many people…everyone knows that.

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      1. Do you really think Comey, Page and Strozk could have gotten away with their malfeasance without the intelligence service IG looking the other way?

        Or Brennan and Clapper without the state dept IG not being tacitly complicit?

        Whether co-conspirators or simply incompetent, they did not do their jobs.


        1. Yeah, that Comey. Could have exposed the investigation into Trump campaign earlier and killed his re-election.

          Instead he waited to inform Trump about the Russian interference, the dossier, etc. after the election. Specifically because the Obama administration did not want to appear to influence the election.

          In case you forgot, the polls were very close near the election. Predictions based on popular vote were on the money. 538 poll aggregator and statistician, Nate Silver, drop his odd to almost 50/50. So a little nudge against Trump could have sealed the deal.

          Since, we have discovered, (aghast!, OMG) that not everyone in the investigation adored Trump. Just like the majority of the country, for that matter.

          And of course Comey, a Republican, killed Clinton’s election with his wrongful rehash of emails a week before the polls opened.

          Pretty obvious they were in favor of the Democrats. (Sarcasm alert!)

          Revisionist history according to conservatives shaking in their cheap boots that they will lose the Senate, if not Trump.

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        2. …”they did not do their jobs.”

          you’re kidding, right? This guys WAS doing his job and got canned. Why? Because he was looking into improprieties by Pompeo.

          Your complaint about Obama era IG’s not doing their jobs is kind of hypocritical when a Trump era IG gets fired for attempting to do his.


        3. …”Brennan and Clapper without the state dept IG not being tacitly complicit”

          You seem so blinded for hatred of anything that occurred during the Obama administration you see to forget that Clapper and Brennan were in INTEL not State.

          And the FBI folks would have fallen under the DOJ IG.

          It would forward your argument much better if you got your facts straight.


    2. …”a replacement for the outgoing IG has been named.”…

      Just another Trump loyalist to fill a position of oversight of his administration. Kind of defeats the purpose.

      Using the old stand by of “lost confidence” when it was known that the IG was investigating potential waste, fraud or abuse by Pompeo smells fishier than one of Don’s boats after a trip on the Northwest River. (Sorry, Don. I am sure you clean your boat properly after each use.)


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