President of Mexico demands Fast and Furious investigation

Breitbart article

Would it not be interesting to see Eric Holder, former President Obama and Hillary Clinton extradited for trial in Mexico?

27 thoughts on “President of Mexico demands Fast and Furious investigation

  1. Now THAT would be an interesting turn of events. Expect MSNBC and CNN to downplay it like every other significant revelation of Democrat corruption or incompetence. A ton of Obama administration foul play is finally being declassified and released showing he is far from the adorable choir boy he has been sold as from the left. However, MSM doesn’t dare report on it.

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    1. …”Democrat corruption or incompetence.”…

      Amazing how you scream and yell about alleged corruption and incompetence of the Obama administration while ignoring the mismanagement and malfeasance, not to mention the cronyism and corruption of the law of the Trump administration. Funny how that always seems to be the case. You can’t seem to see the forest for the trees. Or you refuse to acknowledge what is right there for all to see.


          1. You keep ,making that allegation as though if you repeat it enough it will become true.

            So again, what policy decision made, with the information available at the time, would have made a significant difference?

            In hindsight, it would have been good to have shut down travel from Europe on January 31, at the same time as from China, but it wasn’t until weeks later that we learned the infection that swept NYC came from Italy.

            Keep in mid that the FDA has statutory authority that the President could not override until an emergency had been declared, so the testing delay belongs entirely yo the bureaucracy.

            Or perhaps you are thinking of Trump not correcting Obama’s malfeasance in using up the PPE stockpile and leaving empty for 7 years, quickly enough?


  2. I wouldn’t wager to much on this getting much past Breitbart.

    Some political grandstanding in Mexico.

    I am sure our president will apologize for anything Obama did…or does…or may do…or didn’t do.

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    1. Well, Holder, Obama and Hillary ought to be in a US prison for Fast and Furious, but a Mexican prison will do.

      They fed guns to the Mexican cartels in hopes that when they showed up in Mexican crimes, it would result in pressure to pass gun control measures that otherwise would not pass Congress. The Obama administration literally got people killed to advance their political agenda.

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      1. Fast and Furious was a botched redo and policy of letting “guns walk” to get at the big buyers.

        The rest are conspiracy whirlwinds.

        It was tragic that a couple of the guns were found near a murder of an agent. And used in some drug war murders In Mexico. No doubt.

        But do you seriously think that the cartels were short of guns before the F and F fiasco?

        A reminder about how many gun laws were passed under the past administration despite all the frenzied panic by gun lobbyists.


        Another reminder how the shameless gun lobby used the Obama presidency and the mass shootings of children to sell more weapons.

        Lots of times.

        Mexico is trying to divert attention from its own failed efforts to keep its citizens safe.

        Just like our regime is doing as we write.


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        1. It was over 2000 guns sent to the cartels, but the real scandal is the purpose.

          The guns were intended to be found in the hands of the cartels to create international pressure to pass further restrictions on guns in the US.

          Holder, former President Obama and Hillary intentionally armed the cartels, knowing people would die as a result. to jump start their failed gun control agenda.

          That’s like burning down occupied houses to get a tax increase for more fire engines.

          Everyone involved belongs in prison.


  3. Well then Reagan should have been imprisoned for Iran-Contra, Bush I for his involvement as well. Bush 2 for the lies of WMD in Iraq. Kennedy for the Bay of Pigs. Johnson for his lies about Viet Nam. Nixon for his interference in VN negotiations prior to being elected. As well as the Watergate cover-up. Harding for Teapot Dome, Adams for the sedition acts. It is BS that only the Obama administration is being targeted today by the Trump cultists.

    This whole idea of going after previous administrations has never taken place in the history of this country. It is only under Trump that it is even discussed outside of left or right “salons”.


    1. Right now, the most important problem we have is the safety and security of the American people in the face of a pandemic. Period.

      Unfortunately, the president sees only the threat to his re-election.

      What isn’t even on his administration’s radar is that if he focused on the problem, he might actually get re-elected.

      I see panic and desperation. And those are not good qualities for problem solving.

      Like a cornered rat, the regime is lashing out in all directions in the hopes that something will happen to let him escape.

      So he blames too much testing, lax governors, China, Obama, meat plants, numbers of deaths, scientists, media, Mueller, Biden… and he spends hours upon hours tweeting irrelevancies. All in an effort divert attention from a crisis that by most measures, left and right, is poorly handled.


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      1. The other whine I keep hearing is impeachment prevented Trump from getting anything done. Clinton got PLENTY done while facing impeachment. So what does that say about the current regime?


      2. You state that the pandemic has been mishandled as though that is a given, But as one of the population that has the most to lose, I can’t see anything that could have been done that would have made a difference, based on what was known at the time.


        1. What was known at the time, or what the right and the administration was telling us?

          We know that the Obama administration provided detailed information about our prep status, plans, advice and even exercises to alert and inform president Trump. This was over 3 years ago.

          We know that Trump was informed and warned by numerous sources in January of this year that there was a serious problem. We were short on supplies. We needed tests.

          2 months could have prepared us a lot better than FOX, with the president’s blessing telling us it was the common cold, or flu or your aunt’s acne.

          It is now the middle of May. Testing is close to being ramped up in a month or so.

          That should have been mid-March instead.

          One day the administration is saying we have guidelines for opening up. The next day it ignores some antsy states that are not even close to matching the guidelines.

          The really galling part, though, is forcing Americans to bid against each other for the barest necessities. WTF, really.

          And all because Trump in his infinite wisdom didn’t want to spook the DOW. Even though he knew, bragged he knew, it was a pandemic before others did.

          So what the hell was he waiting for?

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          1. 3 months ago, no one was worried about coronavirus. There was no testing because the FDA didn’t allow anyone but the CDC to do it.

            Considering what has to be done to develop, test and scale up testing capacity, I would say the private sector has been magnificent.


          2. …”3 months ago, no one was worried about coronavirus.”….

            You sure about that? Dr. Bright seemed to say otherwise. Pushed for testing, pushed for PPE. DIDN’T push chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine. And because he wouldn’t pay lip service to the Trump party line, he was reassigned and all of his experience is now being wasted.


          3. 3 months ago the private sector was not allowed to manufacture tests for coronavirus, or even start on work toward a vaccine. The FDA awarded a monopoly on that to the pathetic manufacturing section of the CDC, a continuation of its policy of picking winners and losers for decades.

            Dr Bright, of BARDA, was part of that system, which let 2 low cost ventilator companies out of their obligations to build ventilators for the stockpile.

            So, considering the late start, which came about only because Trump ordered the FDA to turn to the private sector, the private sector pharma corporations are the real heroes of this crisis.

            No one has ever deployed testing at this scale this fast.

            As for HCQ, see the reply to Len’s post on treatment advances. Tested the same way HCQ has been tested, Tamiflu, which has saved tens of thousands of lives, would fail.


        2. “You state that the pandemic has been mishandled”…

          Several democratic countries have managed their pandemic much better than this country has. I give you Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and Taiwan as examples.


          1. Are you trying to imply that those countries are NOT democratic? They blindly follow their leaders? All I can really say about that is maybe we should consider listening to our leaders…WHEN THEY ARE HONEST WITH US.

            However, all we get now is deflection, dishonesty and no respect for science or medicine. Just today, during his Rose Garden PC, trucks were honking their horns in defiance of Trump, protesting for better wages for drivers. Trump tried to say they were there is support of him. Instead of trying to sugar coat what was going on and LYING about it, maybe he should have acknowledged their concerns and say “I hear you and will work with Congress and your representatives to try and come up with a solution that benefits all.” Naw. It doesn’t benefit him, so he wouldn’t even consider it.


    2. Well, you didn’t expect the Obama administration to try and convict themselves, did you?

      They committed criminal acts that resulted in many deaths, to advance a failed political agenda. How can you deny they belong in prison?


      1. “How can you deny they belong in prison?”

        I don’t. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld should all be doing time for the blood and treasure wasted in Iraq…because someone threatened daddy Bush.

        …”you didn’t expect the Obama administration to try and convict themselves”…

        I’m not sure to what you are referring.


          1. Refusing to release records for Congressional oversight?

            Where have I read about that in recent years?

            I digress.

            From what I can ascertain, F&F was an offshoot of another “gunwalking” investigation from the Bush era called Wide Receiver.

            ATF was, and may still be, the Keystone Kops of federal agencies.

            Here is a curious thing in my mind. If president Trump Is supposed to get a pass on CDC foul ups under his administration, even if the head is a Trump appointee for years, why should we crucify Obama for what the ATF did before and then in the first few months of his office.

            I think we ought to focus on the present crisis. Of course that is what all this diversion is about.

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          2. …”refused to release records to Congressional oversight”…

            The hypocrisy of that statement is overwhelming. Really. Just overwhelming.


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