ZH: John Brennan Concealed ‘High-Quality’ Intelligence That Russia Wanted Hillary Clinton To Win: Report


The significance of this tidbit is that it undercuts the 2017 intelligence community report that claimed Russia wanted candidate Donald Trump to win the election and took steps to secure that result. Many have touted the IC assessment as though it were fact and ground truth — proof not only of Russian meddling, but of Trump campaign complicity. The credibility of the IC assessment is increasingly in doubt.

We also learned this week that CrowdStrike Services, the IT security company in charge of the DNC servers testified to Congress that it had no evidence that any files were actually removed from the DNC’s network. How WikiLeaks obtained the DNC emails is now a deeper mystery.


The RussiaGate story is becoming unsustainable.

6 thoughts on “ZH: John Brennan Concealed ‘High-Quality’ Intelligence That Russia Wanted Hillary Clinton To Win: Report

  1. “House Intelligence Committee staff told me that after an exhaustive investigation reviewing intelligence and interviewing intelligence officers, they found that Brennan suppressed high-quality intelligence suggesting that Putin actually wanted the more predictable and malleable Clinton to win the 2016 election.“

    The House Intelligence Committee was headed by Mr. Nunes back in 2017 and 2018. Why is this just coming out now?

    I didn’t see dates or cites.

    Same with the Crowdstrike story. Any reason for that company to sit on such information for 4 years?

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    1. Crowdstrike was employed by the Democrats.

      Remember that Julian Assange, who has never been caught publishing a lie, has always maintained that the emails he published did not come from Russia.

      Also remember that all of the agencies involved in the investigations, including Mueller, concluded that the primary objective was to sow discord and assure that whoever won would be unable to govern effectively.


      1. There is a difference between not publishing a lie and not divulging your sources.

        Also, just because he did not get them from the Russians doesn’t mean that they were not the hackers. For that matter, it would have been prudent for the Russians to use intermediaries. Let’s face it, the Russians were trying to make all the interference in our politics look homegrown.

        CrowdStrike is an independent cyber security company.

        “ CrowdStrike helped investigate the Democratic National Committee cyber attacks and discovered their connection to Russian intelligence services. On March 20, 2017, James Comey testified before congress stating, “CrowdStrike, Mandiant, and ThreatConnect review[ed] the evidence of the hack and conclude[d] with high certainty that it was the work of APT 28 and APT 29 who are known to be Russian intelligence services.”


        That does not make them necessarily a Democrat supporting organization anymore than Dominion Power because it provides power to DNC offices.

        My theory is that we are seeing the Trump campaign starting to attack Biden. Rehashing the hacking, the election, Flynn, and lots more to come are all about diversions from this chaotic handling of the virus crisis.

        Just like the Senate Republic campaign committee releasing the booklet on not defending Trump’s COVID response and focus on blaming China.

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  2. “Fox’s Henry said that he has obtained independent confirmation of the pro-Clinton Russia claim made by Fleitz.”

    So why wasn’t that talked about more in depth with Carlson last night? What kind of independent confirmation? What is the source of it?

    And the discussion about Putin wanting Clinton to win has been put out there before and then poof away it goes when the digging starts up again. So does that explain why Comey revealed the re-opening of the email BS right before the election while not mentioning the ongoing investigation into POTENTIAL collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow?

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  3. I also notice no mention what so ever of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on Russian meddling in 2016. A bipartisan report supported by every single member of the committee. I guess we should just ignore that.

    I’m not sure if saying what I really think about Devin Nunes would get my post blocked, so I will not do that.

    These stories are questionable reporting at best and, IMO, attempts to cover the backside of the current Oval Office resident who can’t get out of his own way in response to a pandemic. That COULD be the reason for the timing on these two stories.

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