Why is the president on a 3 day twitter rampage of unrelated topics?


Digging up 19 year old deaths and supporting conspiracy loonies about every crazy conspiracy he can find. Accusations of murder against Scarborough?

Can the president be sued for malicious slander? Or are we supposed to give him a pass because a) he thinks it is true, b) he is the president or c) both?

Judging by his focus on this 3 day tweet storm instead of the most serious crisis to affect us and the world since WW2 is it time to think about the 25th Amendment?

The kindest thing might be to remove the president for his own well being. The pressures are affecting him and seemingly his judgement. Not a healthy risk for our country to assume in the best of times. And certainly not now.

Especially not now with drumbeats for a big showdown with China coming from the extremes of the GOP as well as the administration.


10 thoughts on “Why is the president on a 3 day twitter rampage of unrelated topics?

  1. Another sign of concern was his answer on Fox and Friends when he was asked about his plans for Melania and a message for Mother’s Day. He went on a 2 minute or so riff about how he was going to Camp David for the weekend and how great things are in the military. And this was from his most supportive news outlet. Outside of the pandering OAN.

    Also his treatment of female reporters, especially those from news outlets that don’t back him 100%, is quite telling as well. I find it hard to fathom how intelligent people continue to poo-poo his behavior and not wonder about his mental state.

    Being President of the United States is a hard job. It takes a hard individual to perform. His rants, mistreatment of people and his bullying tactics are a sign of a very weak person. – IMO.

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    1. Who said anything about paranoia? Nixon, who was the epitome of paranoid, never seemed to lose focus PUBLICLY the way it appears Mr. Trump has.

      Mr. Trump appears to be going off the deep end when the country needs some sort of leadership. His tweet storm has nothing to do with the pandemic or the economy. It has to do with lashing out unreasonably (IMO). He’s not even cheer leading, as has been his wont lately.

      Len may be right in that it could be time to seriously consider 25th Amendment proceedings.

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      1. I can’t say that I am a fan of this administration for a variety of reasons.

        But this kind of “tweet storming” strikes me as the actions of someone who is unhinged.

        Not to mention having way to much time on his hands.

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    2. As I wrote in another post:

      “Love him, hate him or a little of both, Bill Clinton was the consummate multi-tasker.

      Not everything was a success. Yet, he raised taxes, presided over one of the greatest economic growths, dealt with a very hostile Congress, reformed welfare, gave us a budget surplus, handled several international crises, etc.. he did all this while enduring investigative scrutiny for 6 plus years at a level not seen since.

      Culminating in impeachment and a very embarrassing expose of his sex life.”

      Now, admittedly, president Trump is not Bill Clinton. Few people could compartmentalize as he did.

      Yet, the presidency is not a TV show. It is hard, stressful work that requires a lot of information and solid advisors to question, challenge and counsel.

      Clinton underwent 6 years of impeachment investigations that wandered from real estate to sex scandals.
      Trump just had to endure one investigation on one subject and then a few months of impeachment hearings.
      None of which he actively participated in or testified for.

      Obama had a hostile opposition from the day of his inauguration, to the 2010 elections, then he even lost Congress. He face a brutal right wing media with a huge audience. Bigger than MSM. Yet he got ACA passed, tax cuts enacted and cut the deficit by a big margin. All this while juggling a worldwide recession and 2 wars.
      Mistakes were made, but he was effective.

      With a nation in serious crisis, three days of retaliatory tweets is not really helpful to our nation.

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  2. Well, seeing as how VOX and the left wing tweets wouldn’t pass the “civility” test, I take what they report with a grain of salt. I’m sure Scarborough has attacked Trump with numerous falsehoods and inuendo so it elicited a response, that is Trump’s downside. After all, the left has been on an obvious smear campaign and investigation extravaganza since before the man took office and this piece falls right in line with that.


    1. Bill Clinton suffered the slings and arrows of hostility for 6 years of investigation costing a lot more money and resources than Mueller. Then toss in an impeachment. A lot worse than Trump ever went through.

      Then he raised taxes, cut the deficit to a surplus (depending how it is counted) and had to work with a very hostile Congress under Newt Gingrich.

      I don’t know that Scarborough accused the president of murder. But he has voiced criticism, to be sure.

      So what else is new for any president?

      You don’t have to take Vox’s word. Just go to the president’s tweets. It is all there.

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      1. I take the way VOX portrays everything with an obvious left wing attack slant as the issue. MSM does it too with cherry picking. Kind of like the tattletale brat that mommy has had enough of. Once again, I dont pay much attention to it because its sensationalized.


        1. I am of the position that I want the administration, no matter who is president, to always be looking over it’s shoulder wondering who is watching and reporting.

          That is the only protection we have against government overreach.

          I always loved that line: “We’re from 60 Minutes and would like to talk to you”.

          Maybe there are excesses, maybe there are biases, maybe the story is not always right, but without media, we have no clue except what the government wants us to know.

          Just like Russia, China, N. Korea, etc.

          Or more close to home, presidential tweets ain’t good enough.

          Maybe you want that, but I don’t.


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