Eleven Legal Scholars on the decision to drop the charges against Flynn


“Highly unusual” to WTF. It is obvious to those in the know that Barr’s actions in this case are puelry political and go against the rule of law in this country.

“This is a pardon disguised as a technical legal matter.” Yeah. That pretty much sums is up.

16 thoughts on “Eleven Legal Scholars on the decision to drop the charges against Flynn

  1. It’s just the beginning of the parade of legal scholars/professionals that will point out the ridiculousness of Barr’s corrupt decision to thwart the rule of law in our Country.

    Tick, Tick, Tick….

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  2. To those of us who do not live in the Trump cult bubble this bizarre decision is simply proof of what has been obvious ever since that good old boy Trump-lover from Alabama got sacked for having some cojones – Trump has totally corrupted the DOJ and turned it into an agency to harass his political enemies and protect his political friends.

    This makes interesting reading. It is the transcript of Flynn’s sentencing hearing. It lays out the crimes that Flynn swore under oath that he was guilty of and that he was pleading guilty for no other reason than that he WAS guilty. It is remarkable the length the judge went to in order to give Flynn and his lawyers every opportunity to withdraw the plea and/or complain about the circumstances that Flynn faced in his interview.

    Click to access 121818am-USA-v-Michael-Flynn-Sentencing.pdf

    From the transcript of the sentencing hearing . . .
    “JUDGE: I cannot recall any incident in which the Court has ever
    accepted a plea of guilty from someone who maintained that he was
    not guilty, and I don’t intend to start today. So I’m going to
    invite Mr. Flynn and his attorney or attorneys to come to the
    podium, and I’m going to ask the courtroom deputy to administer
    the oath to Mr. Flynn.
    THE COURT: All right. And I will inform you, sir, that
    any false answers will get you in more trouble. Do you
    understand that?

    THE COURT: Do you wish to challenge the circumstances on
    which you were interviewed by the FBI?
    THE DEFENDANT: No, Your Honor.
    THE COURT: Do you understand that by maintaining your
    guilty plea and continuing with sentencing, you will give up your
    right forever to challenge the circumstances under which you were

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    1. No, it is not an admission of anything other than the rule of law has been perverted to the will of the cult.

      I hope you recover quickly after the epiphany hits you up-side the head….

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        1. Innuendo, speculation and guesswork.

          Flynn lied on many counts. He pleaded guilty twice even with rigorous questioning by the judge to make sure he was not set up.

          Flynn’s pardon 6 months out from the election would have looked awkward. So Barr pardoned him instead.

          “Good dog.”

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          1. Flynn has been bankrupted with legal fees, and prosecutors threatened to bankrupt his son as well. Sessions had recused himself so there was no one to rein in the witch hunters.

            When your family is being ruined you will agree to a lot.

            But the question you should be asking yourself is do you want that kind of thing done to political opponents?


          2. Your contention that Flynn’s family was being bankrupted is an attempt to cover the fact that Flynn lied to the FBI, failed to register as a foreign agent (for Turkey) and seems to have lost the military trait of being an upstanding citizen and doing the right thing.

            You have made the same argument repeatedly. And repeatedly I call it bullshit.

            “But the question you should be asking yourself is do you want that kind of thing done to political opponents?”

            Dose “lock her up” ring a bell? I don’t recall any righteous indignation about that little tidbit. Don’t make me use the h-word again to describe your opinions.

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          3. Flynn has about $5million in legal fees and after a lifetime in the military, he doesn’t have it. He is bankrupt. And Mueller’s staff told him that if he didn’t confess they would do the same to his son.

            Again, is that they way you want veterans treated? Flynn fell into a perjury trap, and the recent FBI memos show that was the intent from the start.

            Do you really support going after political enemies that way?


          4. I posted an Atlantic article today that gives a simpler, but much more ominous reason for Flynn’s lies and national betrayal.

            Remember, Flynn lied for free. It was not until he needed lawyers to defend those lies that the bills ran up.

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          5. @Tabor
            Political enemies?
            Flynn is a confessed criminal.
            The judge who saw all the evidence told him to his face he had betrayed his country.

            Flynn could have confessed with zero legal fees. He should have done exactly that when he knew that he was caught. This argument that an innocent, battle-hardened warrior was forced to confess UNDER OATH to crimes he did not commit is utterly stupid nonsense.

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          6. By the time Flynn has cashed in on his hero status among conservatives and conspiracy theorists with talks, book deals, punditry, he will be wealthier than he was, or would ever have been.

            It pays to lie under oath, evidently.

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    2. @Tabor

      You are right. It is not a pardon. It is far worse than a pardon. And everything that you have ever said about respecting the rule of law is now – very obviously – a joke.

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