Dysfunction, thy name is Trump Administration


So remdesivir, the new treatment for Corona, was ordered by the administration and then shipped to the “less impacted counties,”, as opposed to the areas that are in desperate need.

And then the usual response: “Some went to the wrong placessome went to the right places,” said one senior official. “We don’t know who gave the order. And no one is claiming responsibility.“”

This administration will go down as the least responsible in history. No one EVER knows who is responsible for its foul ups. And the ones that do get blamed usually have no idea they were involved in the first place.

10 thoughts on “Dysfunction, thy name is Trump Administration

  1. For decades many conservatives have been saying government needs to run like a business.

    For a lot of reasons, that is a unicorn policy wish. That’s a whole ‘nuther can o’ worms.

    But the problem we have now is that in the rush to remake government in his own image, knowledgeable government people have been replaced by Trump loyalists, donors and others who don’t know or won’t bother to learn or are just inept.

    My favorite analogy is that if you want to change the course of the ship of state, (Trump’s appeal to many) like a ship captain, you have to know how it runs, steers, navigates and is maintained. And you can’t do it alone. You need reliable, competent deck officers and engineers who know the ship inside and out. Plus, the captain needs to know every day what is happening via a disciplined and structured organization. Then he can free himself to steer and alter courses.

    Our government is huge. Many have said that is too much for one person to run. The bad is that the bureaucracy can be unyielding. The good is that the same quality gives a certain continuity in services. In addition, it has been posited that because of its massive size, autocrats cannot take over, just nibble at the edges.

    Crises make or break presidents. The Depression crushed Hoover. The Vietnam War destroyed LBJ.

    I think in the present crisis, the jury won’t decide until November. This is a tough situation for any president. And like any president, Trump sure would like to do the right thing. If for no other reason to soothe his ego and get re-elected. But “whys” are less important than “hows”. Trouble is, he has dismissed so many officers and engineers that the ship is foundering and he can’t seem to find the right course.


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  2. OK, there isn’t enough to go around, how do you decide who gets it?

    Greater NYC could swallow up the entire supply.

    Sell it to the highest bidder?

    A lottery?

    Minorities and women? Veterans? Gays and Lesbians?

    Any way you do it, someone comes up short and will claim they were wronged.


    1. Your attempt to defend this administration’s incompetence is sad. No one is saying it should all go to NYC. BUT the hardest hit areas got shafted in the initial distribution.

      Kind of like when Florida got EVERYTHING it asked for on PPE, and then some. It appears that Trump strongholds may have gotten more than their share. But that’s OK. The attempt to kill off non-Trump supporters is gonna fail even more so than your idea the rural voters are going to turn out in numbers they don’t have.

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      1. But you didn’t answer the question. How do you allocate it?

        Since New Yorkers showed a total disregard for infecting each other and the rest of the country, I would send it first to the rural areas New Yorkers fled to as the disease spread through the city.

        Not that it really matters. recemdivir is not the treatment of choice in my opinion anyway, though it might be of value if given early to those at risk of a cytokine storm instead of waiting until they are at death’s door when it is too late.

        Sickest first is a lousy approach to a disease whose course is determined in the first few days of infection.


          1. I didn’t ask what you perceived the administration’s choice was, I ask what YOUR choice would be.

            When choosing who lives and dies falls on you, how do you choose.


          2. Easy; I’d leave it to the professionals who have spent their lives studying issues surrounding mass infections.

            Unlike trump I’m smart enough to know what I don’t know and consult with those more knowledgeable and (hopefully) smarter than I am.

            I won’t use my “gut” or pick favorites based on who’s lips are firmly planted on my ass in the most pleasurable position.

            Since you asked….


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