GOP on how to deal with those pesky scientists. Put fingers in ears and say Nah, Nah, Na Nah Nah.

Scientists from various Arizona Universities have been instructed to stop their efforts on COVID-19 and denied access to the data they have been using to predict the spread. Brilliant!

By the way, if data from New York City is omitted (because it has begun to decline there), the Covid-19 outbreak has not peaked. It is climbing steadily. In places like Arizona. Pretty clear the decision has been made to kill a lot of people to preserve Republican power. Too bad for them, it is not nice to fool with Mother Nature.

11 thoughts on “GOP on how to deal with those pesky scientists. Put fingers in ears and say Nah, Nah, Na Nah Nah.

  1. Modeling, schmodeling, just go to Worldometer and see the stats as they are occurring.

    Right now we are a third of the worlds cases and about 30% of the deaths.

    Wealthiest nation, finest healthcare, best hospitals, prepared and ready to protect our citizens, residents and immigrant labor forces…?

    Frontline nurses wearing garbage bags. Test kits without swabs. Labs backed up. Bodies stored refrigerated trailers. Up to our asses in hydroxychloroquine from India and Pakistan and public service messages not to ingest or inject Lysol.

    Third World, my friends. Now get your ass in that poultry plant or Kushner will really let you have it.

    Feel better now. Thanks for the post.

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  2. If you read the article, you would see that Arizona’s government is not abandoning modeling, it simply determined that its internal modeling was redundant and that the FEMA model was producing more accurate results anyway.

    So, it has nothing to do with power, or partisan advantage, it just not continuing a useless, redundant effort.


    1. I came to the exact same conclusion from reading the article but you beat me to it. I fail to see the reason for the phony outrage.


    2. @Tabor

      Spin spin spin

      Yes, it is very clear that they are picking – cherry picking – the models that serve their political purposes. There is no valid reason to cut this in-state effort off and deny these epidemiologists the data they need to continue their UNPAID work.

      Similarly, there is absolutely basis for your claim that the administration’s models are more accurate. None.

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        1. @Tabor

          If you are going to accuse me of going off half-cocked, you need to provide a legitimate reason to stop scientists from providing a free service for the public. And even denying them access to the data that had been using. YOU are the one who makes the case against single-sourcing. That idea seems to apply here. Calling in a second opinion on a medical matter is not “redundancy.” It is common sense.

          I know this story hurts because it highlights the Stalinist nature of Trumpism where Truth is only what serves the Party.

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          1. @Tabor

            So, instead of providing a legitimate reason to cut off this respected and free source of scientific insight you simply refer to the excuses offered by those trying to suppress information that does not fit their policy decisions. That says that – like me – you cannot think of a legitimate reason for such nonsense.


  3. Well, at least a minor har, har number one for a new day. Redundancy is wasteful and reading IS fundamental. (Rolling eyes yet again)

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  4. Paul?

    Your posts are well written and referenced…yet tend to be “one-sided” when it comes to commenting upon the nefarious deeds of politicians.

    Keep in mind that there are Democrats which are as bad/worse. The Republicans aren’t the sole problem.

    Why do you refrain from pointing out their (Democrats) failures?


    1. @Craig

      With all due respect, I disagree with the premise of your question. The Republican Party under Trump has become uniquely awful and damaging to the welfare of our country. Historically so.

      Of course there are Democratic politicians who fail in one way or another but they pale in comparison to the clown show that Trump and his enablers are putting on. Besides, it is the Republicans who are in power and they are the ones who are directing events.

      With that said, I will cop a plea. I am a Democrat. And, proud of it. We have become the only evidence-based major party actually working for the people and trying to implement what the people say they want.

      Your question was directed at me for some reason, but it applies equally well to forum members on the other side of issues who – with far, far more reason – never criticize their Dear Leader nor his enablers.


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