Sour grapes or legitimate concerns?

Refusing to do the political will of the administration cost Dr. Bright his position. Political will and cronyism in the time of pandemic. This is our President, America. Congratulations.

And the T-supporters are going to say it is just sour grapes for a demoted doctor. Pay attention to the truth and you will see clearly that he was removed because he would not toe the administration line. Politics and cronyism, thy name is Donald J. Trump and your “very best people”. Which round of those are we on now?

23 thoughts on “Sour grapes or legitimate concerns?

  1. You do remember that it was his agency, BARDA, that let two ventilator makers ditch their obligation to deliver low cost ventilators for the national stockpile, right?


    1. I had not heard that that was the justification for his firing?

      If he was the “captain of the ship” that allowed that transgression he should be held accountable.

      You know, like ALL ship Captains….

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      1. I don’t know if that was the reason either, the problem with personnel matters is that the employee is free to say derogatory things about the employer but the employer cannot comment on the matter.


        1. Justification for the reassignment would not be derogatory; it would be an explanation. “Failure to perform duties” or “Lost confidence based on (insert reasoning here)”… are perfectly allowable. Happens in the military all of the time. Just ask Capt Crozier.


          1. When it happens in the private sector you can be in deep trouble. Must business lawyers will tell you that when given as a reference you should not say anything more than whether you would or would not rehire the person in question.

            That would be doubly true with someone claiming whistleblower status as criticism could be seen as retaliation.


          2. This is not private sector, this is government. As the reasons I stated in my post are very often used and legitimate, there is no justification for what happened except to say he wasn’t toeing the Trump party line and would not refer contracts to Trump/Kushner cronies.

            And the retaliation did not take place as criticism; it removed him from his post.

            Your twisted pretzel logic is making my hungry for a good old fashioned street pretzel with spicy brown mustard. But it is a big pile of “Trump and his minions can do no wrong.”


      1. Depleting the stockpile and not replacing in 7 years was Obama’s fault.

        BARDA screwed the pooch on ventilators on Obama’s watch but I imagine that was deep enough down in the bureaucracy that it is likely Obama didn’t know about it.


          1. OO! OO! Mr. Kotter! Mr. Kotter!

            No, because the final 6 years of Obama’s presidency the GOP was in control and wouldn’t even budget TP for the WH. And they would not give in to anything Obama needed to do.


          2. The budget was over the limit, so it was subject sequestration, across the board cuts by department. Within those departments, the administration had altitude to prioritize.


          3. Sequestration was Congress’s decision. Obama suggested that if Congress could not agree on a budget, then they should do a flat sequester. Of course he did not think Congress would be so damned stupid.

            The rest is history because Congress was in fact that stupid and ideologically run by Tea Party dimwits.

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          4. You were doing just fine until you went to the cell phone BS again.

            Obama hatred on full display. Sequestration was Congress’ doing, yet you are blaming Obama for it. It could have been avoided if the GOP was willing to work with him, but they just had to 1) ensure he was a one-term president (FAIL!), and now 2) wipe out any legacy he had. And the people of this country are turning against the GOP because of that. See 2018 elections for proof of that.


          5. I would suggest that is the perfect comparison.

            Replenishing the stockpile of emergency supplies he had used(properly) was a lower priority than buying votes with free smart phones.


          6. IF the 12 votes he got because of a couple of cell phones was a legitimate complaint, then I could see your point. But again, the cell phone story is BS, debunked and not even close to a legitimate argument to support your point.

            And now they are smart phones? I thought they were just cell phones. Changing your story midstream again?


          7. You’re avoiding the point. Obama could have prioritized replacing the emergency supplies over more popular giveaways, and he didn’t.


          8. No, just that sequestration was stupid. Congress couldn’t get their act together.

            “ Lifeline, however, is not funded by taxes; it subsists on fees that are tacked on to most phone bills. That fund subsidizes a number of programs, which in addition to Lifeline include telecommunications service to rural and remote areas and to schools and libraries.”

            “ Lifeline was begun not by President Obama but under Ronald Reagan. It expanded to include cellphone service during the presidency of another Republican, George W. Bush.”

            “ Lifeline’s intent was inarguable enough: Phone service is “crucial to full participation in our society and economy,” the FCC noted in the order creating Lifeline on Jan. 8, 1985.”

            “ Expanding Lifeline to cellphone service reflected not only technology but also the reality of how poor people live. Last year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that slightly more than half of adults in poverty lived in households that had only wireless phone service.”


            Now about a retroactive tax break that costs $90 billion during a pandemic and fiscal crisis that is blowing a hole in our debt.

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        1. “ Obama could have prioritized replacing the emergency supplies over more popular giveaways, and he didn’t.”

          Trump could have prioritized at least checking the status of supplies as he was warned about its depletion. He had 3 years to undo the mess.

          Too many trips to Mar a Lago got in the way.

          So let’s agree that cellphones cost taxpayers next to nothing and Trump had ample time to at least assign one of his lackeys to make sure we had supplies.

          There. I knew you’d agree.

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          1. Obama phones cost taxpayers next to nothing? 3% you cell phone bill every month. That’s more than most Americans pay for national defense.


          2. We pay $750 billion for defense each year.

            I think the total for the Lifeline program was about $2 billion. It also covers rural service subsidies, schools and libraries.

            Your red state farmers might not have cell service in some places without subsidies.

            I guess the poor should just have no phones. Maybe job interviews wii come to the homes. 911 will see the smoke signal.

            Subsidies to a Big Pharma, Agra, corn producers, peanut producers are a lot more, but remain favorites for conservatives no matter how little Archer Daniels needs the money.

            Obama phones are like the Welfare Queen. Mostly an attack on Obama and Democrats over nothing. That video of a black woman screaming she got her phone just got the steam rising among the borrow and spend crowd.

            Notice the deficit after Obama then look at the deficit after 3 years of a Trump. The genius borrowed heavily and kept interest rates near zero to boost the DOW. A phony economy with GDP’S that didn’t even beat Obama’s and that has now collapsed. And we see that the underpinnings of 47% of jobs pay at or less than $15/hour which is minimum wage in expensive cities.

            Obamaphones are the least of our problems.

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          3. The majority of Americans pay little or no income tax, so it’s kind of a trick question thing. Most of us get a free ride on defense.

            But everyone with a cell phone pays this very regressive tax to support cell phones for people who really pay no taxes.


          4. And support rural folks, libraries and schools.

            So many of the working low income folks are now deemed “essential”. So essential that the administration is putting pressure to keep them working despite the virus.

            Can we at least help them afford a phone now that they are suddenly so valuable. So they can call in from the hospital and apologize because they can’t deliver Don’s groceries.

            PS: my phone bill including data, unlimited calling and two lines is $50/ month. So my regressive tax to help your rural folks, schools, libraries and poor folks is $1.50/ month.

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