Thank you, Mr. Vice President

He finally admitted it was bad for to not wear a mask at the Mayo Clinic. Too bad it took castigation and public shaming on social media in order for him to do so.

10 thoughts on “Thank you, Mr. Vice President

    1. Oh, Bob, please be real.

      The levels of pettiness benchmark was set by Trump a long time ago. It may never be surpassed.

      The man holds more long time grudges that a collier can hold coal.

      Bush just recorded an uplifting message about Americans pulling through a crisis and Trump bitches at him on “Fox and Friends” and tweet for not speaking out against this “hoax” or that “hoax” or some other nonsense.

      What a petty whiner.

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  1. Pence didn’t think he needed to wear a mask in the clinic while visiting A PATIENT?

    Really, there ought to be a law. And, the law should read something to the effect that . . .

    “If you’re ignorant to a certain degree, you cannot be allowed to be President or Vice President of the USA.”

    Sadly, it appears that ship has sailed by the actions & words of the two goof-balls who currently hold those positions.

    One wants to research injecting disinfectants into human bodies, and the 2nd-in-line, didn’t think he needed to wear a mask in a hospital clinic while visiting a patient. WHILE IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC, no less.

    Dumb and ALMOST as dumb. Good grief.

    These two have got to go. Soon. Like yesterday.

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    1. He should have worn the mask to set a good example, but in truth, it would only have been for show.

      Pence, and everyone around him, is tested regularly and his contacts are very limited, so he was no threat to the patient.

      But in these times, setting a good example is reason enough.


      1. “tested regularly“ ?

        You continue to ignore the very real gorilla in the room.

        ANY test (IF it is accurate) means that at THAT TIME the individual was not infected.

        As someone with a medical background it makes your comments disingenuous, at best…

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        1. If he is tested, and everyone he is in contact with, are uninfected, then he is safe.

          Do the people on the International Space Station need to wear masks? Will they need to tomorrow?


          1. “he is tested, and everyone he is in contact with, are uninfected, then he is safe“

            NO ONE can know with certainty that all surfaces and air he comes in contact with is virus free. You KNOW that is a fact, but belabor the point?

            Bullshit flag thrown Donald, very disappointing…

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      2. So, you are absolutely CERTAIN that the VP is safe. Wow, that’s a pretty good detection power you possess.

        However, in a room full of ‘masked” people, erring on the side of safety, most people would probably prefer that our country’s 2nd in line to the presidency isn’t the only stupid-looking person in the room. That shouldn’t be too much to ask & expect.

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