Lower electric bills from cheaper fuel and renewable energy sources


Interesting that Dominion Power credits a lower electric bill for residential customers partly due to its investments in renewable sources.

“Bills will decrease because of reduced cost to fuel the utility’s power stations. Dominion said it’s worked to make its services more affordable by using a combined cycle power station and expanding its renewable energy portfolio. These changes also reduce carbon emissions.”

3 thoughts on “Lower electric bills from cheaper fuel and renewable energy sources

  1. Not what you think.

    Dominion is not saving money on power from renewable energy stations yet to be built, it gets subsides based on its ‘portfolio’ which includes both planned and idled sources. Solar produces a very small share in VA and wind nothing yet. Solar, wind, renewable methane(landfills and animal waste), biomass, and hydroelectric produce less than 15% of Dominion’s power, and hydroelectric is most of that. Biomass is an environmental disaster in its own right.

    Demand is down, and that allows Dominion to shut down it’s most costly plants. Coal plants cost a lot more to operate that natural gas, especially the most modern dual cycle plants.

    So, between the subsidies and the lower cost from natural gas, Dominion’s cost in a period of lower demand goes down.

    When the malls open and demand goes up, they will start burning coal again.


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