What did the President know and when did he know it?


The gist of the story . . . from early January onward the Presidential Daily Brief repeatedly raised the issue of the pandemic, tracked it progress and warned that China was not completely forthright in its public representations. Great work by our intelligence agencies. Too bad that Trump was too lazy to read them and/or too stupid to act on them.

9 thoughts on “What did the President know and when did he know it?

  1. Note that the Washington Examiner is a conservative site. So they are apparently convinced of the veracity of WAPO reporting.

    Yet, they still repeat the exaggeration about travel “bans.

    “Trump’s first step in combating the contagion came in late January, when he cut off travel between the U.S. and China.“

    It was a restriction that still allowed 40,000 travelers with minimal screening.


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    1. As more information and verification comes out about the 12 times that trump was briefed on the virus and its potential dangers, both medical and economic, it become clear he misled and outright lied to the American people for his own personal and political gain.

      Other than the lunatic fringe who can support or defend this behavior?

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  2. Considering that ‘djt’ knows almost nothing about anything, you need to narrow your question’s scope, I think. Smile.

    Sorry for a glib non-response. Sitting out in the yard listening to a male cardinal probably signaling his mate that I’m sitting a little too close. Wow – just spotted him. He’s drop-dead gorgeous!

    Maybe too early for me to be thinking about the sad little fella in the WH.

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    1. Did 2 miles with the girl (dog) this morning and am listening to tunes as I fill the bird feeders and baths; so yeah, too soon for the “sad little fella”.

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  3. Paul’s expert solution: Happy New Year! Now shut everything down, lock yourself in your house, destroy your guns, forget money, the government will feed you and wipe your butt. Trust me, I’m Paul cluck cluck cluck Murphy!!!


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