Piggy-backing on Mr. Murphy’s post . . .


The link above is just one of many alerting people to why they shouldn’t give serious thought to anything – ANYTHING – D.J. Trump says. He has no clue what he’s talking about and even less concern for the sad people who helped the Russians put him in office.

Here’s what is happening with Trump and way too many of his supporters.

For his part, he wants so badly to be THE ONE who comes up with a cure or treatment to Corid-19 that’s sweeping through America. He wants to be the one person who throws out some wild, NEVER CONSIDERED idea that will miraculously be the FIX for all those people suffering from the virus and those who have been lucky enough not to get it yet, but are looking for something to take the place of a yet, undiscovered vaccine. That’s his part. Hell with the fact that he has zero background in any kind of education that would even suggest he’d understand one line of anything written about medicines, vaccines and those people who research them.

For the people who think he’s doing a bang up job in the White House, they want to see him succeed. And, evidently at any cost. They want to be THE ONES who believe in him to the point of being willing to be a part of his grand discovery.  That is what the couple who took the chloroquine phosphate – because DJT was pushing it. 

He did not HAVE TO tell them to, “Find some of this stuff and take it. Chloroquine phosphate may keep you from getting Covid-19 or may help you get rid of it if you do get it.” No, for some people, he only needed to throw it out there that he was interested in it. Their over-the-top adoration of the man meant they would believe he HAD A CLUE OR TWO, of what he spoke.

So, here we are again, only this time he was wondering aloud about ‘injecting’ sanitizers into the human body. Yes, he DID use the ‘I’ word. A total know-nothing when it comes to medical research and finding a FIX for a very intelligent, complicated virus/pathogen.

We KNOW that the same type of people are interested in this ‘FIX’ because of the number of calls going into companies that make sanitizers. Cleaning products and sanitizers! I think these people are much more interested in giving DJT a win, than really even being considerate of their own bodies.

This man should have been impeached and REMOVED. No ‘if-and-buts’ about it. Anyone who doesn’t see that by now, isn’t paying attention to how much damage he can actually do by just being ‘Donald’. And, it appears that a CURIOUS ‘Donald’ is even more frightening.

21 thoughts on “Piggy-backing on Mr. Murphy’s post . . .

        1. You mean the one that were preceded by “he did not have to tell them to”???

          Wow, for someone who trots out the “in context” argument whenever it suits your position that’s pretty shabby.

          And that’s the nicest way I could put it….

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          1. No she didn’t. You would like to make that argument, but in actuality, you can’t.

            Leave the semantics to Roberts. he has it down to a faux science.


          2. @Tabor

            Really? She OBVIOUSLY was not “quoting” trump and you damn sure know it.

            If you wish to quibble with the intent of her point do so, but your comment was unworthy of serious consideration.

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    1. If you’re talking about this: “Find some of this stuff and take it. Chloroquine phosphate may keep you from getting Covid-19 or may help you get rid of it if you do get it.” . . .

      I didn’t mean it to be a quote and I should have probably used a single quotation mark. So, no, I never heard ‘djt’ say that. I was trying to make the point that he DID NOT have to say something that specific to make certain people think he might be on to something and actually TAKE THE STUFF (as the couple did.)

      When I saw what you wrote I thought you were questioning the reference to the ‘I’ word (injection), when he was talking about disinfectants or sanitizers, which he did use.

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  1. Your Slate article is old news. Since it was published last month more information has come to light about the Arizona couple who ingested the fish tank cleaner. A couple of data points you might want to factor into your thinking about the story:

    • Gary and Wanda Lenius were donors to the Democratic Party, notably to a PAC that bills itself as the “pro-science resistance” to the Trump administration.
    • Cloroquine phosphate (the fish tank cleaner) is not the same chemical as hydroxychloroquine (the prescription drug Trump has talked about). Gary Lenius was a mechanical engineer who presumably would have known this.

    • Wanda Lenius has severe mental health problems.

    • It is likely Wanda gave her husband the chloroquine phosphate in a soda without his knowledge.

    This is a very sad story, but in no way does it implicate Donald Trump.




    1. Of course it implicates trump.

      He is the one that encourages the sheep (and most have some version of mental illness) to self medicate.

      Push back all you wish, but you are wrong…

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      1. RE: “Push back all you wish, but you are wrong…”

        Nope. But if you insist on believing that Democrats who poison themselves are sheep to Trump, then there’s really no way to help you.


    2. I read the Free Beacon article. Apparently the wife was not mentally well. And a history of abuse towards her husband seemed documented.

      If the wife decided to off her mate, the HCQ idea was not necessarily grabbed out of thin air. I would guess it might provide a good cover for the murder because of the enthusiastic endorsement by our president.

      Whether they donated to Democrats or not, is beside the point.

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      1. RE: “Whether they donated to Democrats or not, is beside the point.”

        It is far from beside the point when the story is used to describe Trump supporters unfavorably.


        1. I will not debate that stupidity favors one political party over another.

          Now cupidity, that’s a different story. Hellooo GOP.

          Digression, thy name is Len.

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    3. I don’t believe I said anything about the couple being Democrats or Republicans. And, whether they donated to any Democratic PAC has nothing to do with them trusting DJT’s medical judgement.

      They listened to him, and that pretty much tells me what I need to know about them; THAT, and the fact that they decided to take something like they did without giving their doctors a call first. Have you read that they did speak with their doctor(s)?

      There are many, many mentally sick or disturbed people in the country. Isn’t that more the reason for someone of authority to NOT point people in the direction of taking something that may be terribly wrong for them. Trump should have known better. Had he not got on his Dr. Trump podium and started talking about something he knew very little about – those two people may not have gone rummaging through the cabinets. And, as I recall, it was days later that DJT actually even mentioned that the drug he was pushing could be very hazardous to people with heart problems.

      As for the drug the Lenius’ took not being the same as what DJT was talking about, a medical professional would have known to mention that there were things on the market that may seem to be the same thing, but aren’t. Trump didn’t know enough about what he was talking about to even be having such a conversation on live TV, or to be making those statements. That’s why he has medical professionals standing on the podium for.

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      1. You question sources all of the time based on WHO they are. You don’t like when it is thrown back at you. So tuff titty. It is an extremist right wing news source and I question the majority of what it writes. Same vein as OAN, Breitbart, and the talking heads on Fox News prime time schedule.

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