35 thoughts on “Stable genius!

    1. No serious and honest person who actually watched Trump raise the possibility of fighting the virus with injections of disinfectant and/or internal UV light could honestly say he was “kidding around.” Those who make that claim either did not watch him speaking and generously assumed he was kidding OR they are not honest.

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      1. A classic “go to” for abusers is the “just kidding” line. It serves as a gateway to gaslighting as it allows the abuser to plant doubt in the other person about their perception of reality and then just wash it away.

        Ergo; he’s not really a hateful/ignorant/stupid/self centered asshole, he was “just kidding”….

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      2. Using UV light to disinfect material is fine. However, UV bulbs are marked “Protect Skin and Eyes”. So UV lights themselves are just not a good idea. And swallowing the glass is also something I am adverse to.


  1. Come to think of it, I wonder what the relative sensitivity of the virus particle and lung tissue might be to UV?

    I could see running a UV emitter down the bronchi on a bronchoscope and destroying the virus where it does the most harm. Sort of like irradiating a tumor.

    Can you tell if I’m kidding or not?


    1. RE: “Can you tell if I’m kidding or not?”

      I sure can’t, but I would certainly call your musings thinking outside the box.


    2. Some might consider that cure as worse than the virus.

      But it is an interesting concept. What are you doing in Chesapeake? You should run to D.C. and start participating in the rally/briefing. Or am I just kidding, knowing what you have said about your health situation?


      1. @Tabor

        You could say . . .

        “I am desperate not to look a complete fool as I backstop the babbling idiot I admire so much.”

        As you may not know, the air passages of the lungs branch repeatedly into smaller and smaller channels before they reach the crucial sites where the blood and the air meet. Even this promotional video does not pretend that any sort of catheter can reach them. Let alone the trillions of other sites in the blood and body where the viruses can be.

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          1. @Tabor

            There might be something to it?
            And maybe eating provolone cheese will cure corona virus too. That is safe and just like this device it is a therapy that has not been tested.

            There was a disclaimer on the video noting that its efficacy was NOT supported by ANY actual testing. And, as I pointed out, there is no way such a catheter could reach the areas of the lungs in question. As a professional in the medical field I am sure you know that better than I do, but it seems that you want to pretend that this obscure and untested device justifies Trump’s babbling about light and disinfectant.

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    1. Those of us now he isn’t serious. We know he isn’t a doctor. We know he doesn’t believe in science. We are more apt to face palm ourselves over some of the drivel he spouts. That’s why we didn’t drink fish tank cleaner when he started hyping hydroxychloroquine. (Notice how he and Fox News have stopped pushing that one?)

      However, his supporters do tend to believe everything that comes out of his mouth. The manufacturer of Lysol HAD to put out a statement warning people not to ingest their product. That way, if some Trump supporter does, the company cannot be held liable for illness/death that occurs. And then Trump should be held liable.


    2. @Tabor
      Again, you try to twist the narrative. Trump was NOT kidding around (your first twist) and he was NOT giving medical advice (your second twist).

      After hearing the doctor talk about ways to kill the virus in the environment, he was seriously asking the doctors to explore the efficacy of injecting patients with disinfectant and killing virus IN THE BODY with UV light.

      Earlier you said that Trump is not stupid. This earnest question is pretty clear evidence that you are wrong. He is stupid. Beyond what even I had come to believe and THAT is very stupid.

      As for your joke that I am responding to, the only ones likely to take his remarks as medical advice are his strongest supporters.

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      1. RE: “the only ones likely to take his remarks as medical advice are his strongest supporters.”

        The unfortunate couple who ingested fish tank cleaner because Trump “recommended” hydroxychloroquine were staunch Democrats.


        1. @Roberts

          ” . . . staunch Democrats?

          Maybe. At least according to several gleeful “conservative” outlets. But if that is true it does not refute my observation. Which we both know to be true. Trump supporters are far more likely than Democrats to take Trump seriously.

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    3. “ Eugene Robinson: It’s ‘amazing that we are hoping that no one takes the president literally’”

      That kind of sums up the situation the best.

      “Iran just launched a missile from a speedboat at our ship. We are going to war.”

      “Hey, that Trump, what a kidder. Honey, can you pass the chicken.”

      Maybe a history of lies, misleading statements, walkbacks, reinterpretation of the spoken words and insults are not a good reputation for a president to have.

      Especially in a crisis.

      Just sayin’.

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  2. You people can come to really off the wall conclusions and belly ache yourselves to an unhealthy frenzy. Good keep it up.

    He did not say go inject yourself with disinfectants. Even this story said he was musing sarcastically. If he said you must cross the street to get the other side, you, especially Paul, would be screaming he told people to run out in front of moving cars.


    1. So it is OK for the President of the United States to muse sarcastically while supposedly conducting an information briefing to the American people? If Obama had done such a thing your head would have exploded. So you can take your blinded by the orange light defense of indefensible words and action and wash them down with a nice big bottle of Lysol. With Scrubbing Bubbles topping.

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        1. Exactly what did I sensationalize? I made a statement based in fact about idiotic statements made by Trump during an informational briefing. I said it before: If he wants to muse about things like that behind closed doors, fine. Go for it. But when he is at that podium we, the people, have an expectation of seriousness from our Commander-in-Chief. At lease we used to.


    2. “ President Trump claimed Friday that he was speaking sarcastically when he mused during a White House briefing about whether disinfectants that can kill the novel coronavirus on surfaces and in the air might be used inside the human body.”

      That is the story the next day when it became obvious that his comments were not viewed as anything but serious. Serious enough for both the FDA and the makers of Lysol to issue warnings.

      Or are you saying that those two organizations, and others, are too stupid to recognize Trump’s humor?

      Have you bothered to see the video? If anyone detects sarcasm or lack of seriousness it would not be a viewer.


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      1. More BS from the liberal clown class. Yes YOU people Jimmie. Ooh and didn’t your mother teach you anything? Get off the crack and get a haircut, BTW.


      2. “Something LIKE that” He said it would be worth looking in to. Now what is “something like that” and what is worth looking into? Your guess is as good as mine and NO where does he say what you or the other clowns are claiming. I guess some people got concerned idiot liberals would take that to mean inject yourself with disinfectants so they issued a warning. Give me a break…


        1. Lysol seemed to take him at his word. So did the FDA.

          “Eugene Robinson: It’s ‘amazing that we are hoping that no one takes the president literally.”

          You see not everyone is blessed with your intellect. So the kinder, gentler side of Bob should understand and not ridicule those folks.

          Now it is OK to poke fun at the president, however, because he is smart, stable, powerful and, most importantly, able to weather criticism like water off a duck.

          But you knew that.

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        2. @ BOBR

          Here is exactly what the stable genius said about disinfectant. This came after he heard the expert talk about ways to clean surfaces with disinfectant . . .

          “And then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in a minute. One minute! And is there a way we can do something like that, BY INJECTION inside or almost a cleaning. Because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs. So it would be interesting to check that. So, that, you’re going to have to use medical doctors with. But it sounds — it sounds interesting to me.”

          So we “idiot liberals” are saying that what he said IS what he said, and you, my friend are full of shit as Trump dummies almost always are.


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          1. I know exactly what he said and he did NOT say inject yourself with disinfectant, you dope. Wake the F$#& up from your liberal coma.


    3. @bobr

      You are clearly one of the Fifth Avenue crowd that Trump brags about all the time. Sad.

      This is another good example of how Trumpkins do not trust their own eyes and ears if Trump tells them not to. No “leftist” spin involved. Just what your own eyes and ears can tell you straight from the horse’ ass.

      Here, try again. Listen to Trump’s totally NOT SARCASTIC words and watch the face of Dr. Brix as she tries to hide her total consternation.

      And by the way, this story reported that Trump CLAIMED that he was “musing sarcastically” which, if you believe your own ears, he was not doing. He was deadly earnest.

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  3. More BS from the liberal clown class. Yes YOU people Jimmie. Ooh and didn’t your mother teach you anything? Get off the crack and get a haircut, BTW.


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