Sunlight the Best (coronavirus) Disinfectant

Amid the usual hoo-rah of today’s daily coronavirus task force briefing is a tidbit of information delivered by DHS’s Bill Bryan that looks like it may be the news of the day. A video clip of Bryan’s comments is at the link.

The substance of it is that the airborne virus survives better in indoor environments that are cool, dry and lack sunlight compared to outdoor environments that are warm, humid, and well lit by direct sunlight. The observation doesn’t amount to a prescription for coronavirus therapy, but it does call into question the stay-at-home, indoors, advice some policy makers have been promoting.

As always, skepticism is appropriate. Still, if you are like me, you might marvel at such a finding that perhaps God has a sense of humor. This would be science that even sun-worshipping pagans could get behind.

32 thoughts on “Sunlight the Best (coronavirus) Disinfectant

  1. Actually as far as I know, outdoor exercise was encouraged, just not team events. Walking, jogging, bicycling, gardening, golfing are perfectly fine. I made a point of walking a couple of miles everyday.

    The virus might not survive surfaces outdoors so that casual contact might be less dangerous. But coughing, sneezing, talking to someone closeup is the preferred method of spread.

    Indoors or out. Rain or shine.

    I think we’ll know in a few weeks how the states that opened will fare.

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    1. I forced myself to read a word by word transcript of the back and forth between trump/Bryan/Birx and trump’s words read like a cross between an insane person and an 8 year old.

      Hearing trump say incredibly stupid things is one thing, but reading the actual words is downright jarring.

      The man is a complete and utter imbecile.

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      1. Trump is now claiming he was responding in a sarcastic manner to a reporter’s question. Unfortunately, no video or transcript has any reporters asking a question.

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      1. So now it’s jokes as an excuse for his idiotic statement to ingest disinfectants?

        Leave the jokes to the late night crowd and keep them out of the rallies/briefings.

        People tune in for information and he’s making “jokes” about drinking Lysol? If ANY American ingests Lysol in the next 2 weeks, Mr. Trump should be held liable, both civilly and criminally.

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          1. The depths you go to to defend the indefensible is, in itself, indefensible.

            And I disagree with your assertion that he is not really stupid. He proves it most times he opens his mouth

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      2. Yes Donald, I watched the interaction.

        The “context” was classic trump which by definition is never “serious” by serious standards.

        Maybe you should rewatch; he addressed both Birx and Bryan directly wanting to know if his “suggestion” could be looked into.

        The point is, he IS serious, because he IS that stupid and ignorant.

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      3. “Trump then shared a few of his own ideas, one of them involving hitting the body with a “tremendous” amount of ultraviolet or “very powerful light.” Disinfectants like bleach can “knock” the coronavirus out “in a minute,” Trump said, wondering aloud if there is “a way we can do something like that by injection inside, or almost a cleaning, because you can see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it’d be interesting to check that. So, you’re going to have to use medical doctors with it, but it sounds interesting to me.”

        Where is the punchline to this joke? The tanning booth industry just got a plug. Injecting disinfectant into the lungs? Really?

        Trump is not stupid. Which makes me wonder why he said what he did?

        If it wasn’t serious, why the details of injecting into to lungs under the supervision of a doctor?

        It just boggles the mind.

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          1. My mother had the procedure, but it is a “reach” to suggest it supports ANYTHING trump was thinking about.

            We both know he would have zero clue what it even is…

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          2. I also doubt that was what Trump was referring to, but I did want to point that some very weird things are done in medicine.

            I once watched a surgeon run a bottle brush soaked in betadine through a gunshot wound on a woman’s leg.

            So, I have a bit wider tolerance for out-of-the-box speculation.


          3. … a surgeon run a bottle brush soaked in betadine through a gunshot wound on a woman’s leg”

            Last I checked an anatomy book, the lungs are in the chest. And I doubt the surgeon in question would recommend inhaling it.

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          4. I wasn’t making an equivalence, I was pointing out that medical treatment the public doesn’t see on Grey’s Anatomy can be a lot more intense and direct than you think.


          5. Where does the bleach injection come in? This talks about sterile water into one segment for withdrawal and analysis.

            So i guess you are saying that Trump is now perfectly serious, and not just an offhand remark?

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          6. I think Trump was just engaging in non-serious speculation about approaches for attacking the virus. Throwing out a stream of consciousness for others to examine for usefulness.

            It’s an annoying habit but it’s not giving serious advice to anyone.


          7. …’non-serious speculation”…

            Are you f-ing kidding me? We are in the middle of a national health crisis and you think it is OK for the President of the United States of America, on NATIONAL TV, to not be serious about speculation? If he wants to do that behind closed doors when meeting with his team, that is fine. But to stand at the podium of the White Hose Briefing Room, in front of G-d and country and speculate about ingesting or injecting disinfectant into the human body.

            Examined for usefulness is what we should do as a country regrading this man as President. Right now he is just coming off as a useless idiot.

            It is not an annoying habit. It is dangerous. Just ask the lady in Arizona who is now a widow for following Trump’s “non-serious speculation”.

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          8. @Tabor

            LOL! Now it is “non-serious” stream of consciousness. Not “kidding around.”

            The thing about stream of consciousness (leaving aside the idea that a President should keep his mouth shut on things he knows nothing about) is that it reveals what is in the mind of the streamer.

            Let’s take you. Hearing a doctor talking about disinfectant killing virus on a surface, would it make YOU wonder if injecting Lysol could be a cure? And, if it did pass through your mind, would you fail to censor that thought or would you ask people to look into it? You are not stupid so I think the answer is just about self-evident.

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          9. No, I wouldn’t think of using Lysol internally, but I might consider using bronchial lavage to deliver an appropriate antiviral or better, anti inflammatory agent, and ask qualified people if it were worth looking into.

            But, no, I would not speculate on the idea publicly.


          10. @Tabor

            You cannot simply admit the truth when there is a babbling idiot babbling in front of you. Instead you spin and obfuscate. Here is a recap . . .

            1. “It was not a serious suggestion.” Yes, it was. He was dead serious.
            2. “Kidding around” No, he was not. He was seriously task the doctors to look into it.
            3. Just a “careless speaker” No, the point is what he is thinking.
            4. “Just engaging in non-serious speculation” Euphemism for babbling like an idiot.
            5. “Throwing out a stream of consciousness for others to examine” Yes, a stream of nonsense.

            And now, what do you do? Start talking about “bronchial lavage” which has NOTHING to do with Trump’s babbling. Probably something that Trump does not know exists.

            Is it so hard to write in response to this lunacy something like . . . “Yep, that was effing insane?”
            Obviously it is – for you.

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          11. I guess my greatest concern as we debate how serious numb nuts was being there are people so deeply in the cult mindset that they will believe and act on ANYTHING their messiah publicly suggests.

            If a single moron follows his “kidding” advice he should be held accountable. Period.

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      4. Yes, I did. He was asking a question of his doctors about putting disinfectant in the body. He used the word “inject”. A 6-year old would know this is not true. He was as serious as a heart attack.

        Moreover, where the little thought popped into his head was from listening to his DHS guy talking about surface cleaning and the half life of the virus. Because he wasn’t talking he was distracted y the nursery rhymes in his head.

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