Attempts at public humiliations backfire.

Those pesky scientists. Trying to tell the truth. CDC Director Redfield was supposed to bow his head in shame and recant. A modern day Galileo. He refused to play along. And the former head of our national vaccine effort, Dr. Rick Bright refused to go quietly into the night after he was removed for standing up against peddling snake oil “game changers”.

I have noted before the Stalinist nature of Trumpism. These episodes reminds us that Stalin, too, tried to rewrite the laws of nature by making Lysenkoism the official state version of biological science. In those times to speak the truth about the science was to risk your career and even your life. So far, at least, truth tellers around Trump only risk their careers.

7 thoughts on “Attempts at public humiliations backfire.

  1. There have been more than a few threads on this forum dealing with the issue of trump downplaying the seriousness and severity of the virus and the crisis we’re in.

    Since it becomes tiresome to provide lists supporting his continuous lying and downplaying of the problem I appreciated the situation yesterday during the briefing(?) where ALL doubt was removed about his lying and downplaying in such an irrefutable and stark fashion.

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    1. The only “cartoon character” in yesterday’s briefing was the sitting President of the United States.

      Nothing Paul stated was laughable nor inaccurate.

      Nothing taking place is remotely “OK” or likely to be so anytime soon.

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    2. @Jim

      If you do not think it is worth knowing that the scientists around Trump have to kiss his ass to keep their jobs, then don’t read about it.

      If you think the best way you can contribute to the discussion of the most serious crisis of our lifetimes is to throw daily brickbats at me, knock yourself out. Since it is impossible to actually defend the behavior of your Dear Leader I suppose there is not much else for you to do.

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    1. So “funny” that 43% of the American populous still support him.

      Which continues to blow my F-ing mind.

      Old stupid white people; the stupid won’t go away, but the others will…

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  2. It is the norm to fire political folks for “disloyalty”. Especially by this president.

    But when scientists are shamed or rejected for not toeing the party line, that is very autocratic.

    Notice we haven’t heard much about Hydroxychloroquine lately. Yet a few weeks ago it was a game changer. We even bullied India into selling us millions of pills.

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