Bad medical news . . .

Doctors are still trying to work out how Covid-19 kills. This story is about the role of blood clotting. Pretty scary stuff.

18 thoughts on “Bad medical news . . .

  1. Read this in the post and found it sobering to the point of “oh shit!”.

    We don’t know what we don’t know and the propaganda being spewed by trump and his surrogates is getting to the point that manslaughter charges should be considered.

    Stupidity paired with arrogance and power is a deadly combination.

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    1. UH, How is Trump responsible for how Coronavirus affects blood clotting? Is there some executive order he could have issued to change the nature of the disease?


      1. @Tabor

        I’ll assume the Bud light is kidding in and say, really?

        He DOWNPLAYED the severity of the crisis facing American citizens for political purposes.

        Unless you are truly a card carrying member of the cult, you CAN’T dispute that simple fact.

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        1. As late as Jan 28, the WHO and Fauci were both saying that the Coronavirus was not as threat to the US. On Jan 30, WHO changed its opinion and issued a warning. Jan 31 Trump blocked travel from China and declared a US health emergency.

          Here is a timeline of what Trump was doing along with what was happening in the House and Senate.

          So, show me where Trump delayed the government response for political purpose.

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          1. @Tabor

            Where did Trump delay the government response for political purposes?

            You seem to forget that Trump is the government – according to him – so the government delayed telling the truth to the public from the beginning up until today. That truth is more important than any shortfalls of PPEs or testing kits and we are STILL not getting it.

            Just this week the doctor who dared to demand that Trump’s pet drug be tested before being touted was removed from the task force. His role had been to lead the effort to develop a vaccine and he is expert in that field. Now that effort has been set back.

            And even though Dr. Fauci is firm in saying that reopening commerce too early will backfire badly, Trump is still tweeting support for the Astro Turf protesters demanding exactly that.


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      2. @Tabor

        Uh, no one said Trump is responsible for the blood clotting. I posted the piece and Trump was the furthest thing from my mind when I did so. My purpose was simply to share information that people might want to consider before dropping the social distancing that most of us are following.

        But since you bring him up this information does reinforce how dangerous the virus may be and how wrong it is for political leaders to push so hard for “normalcy” before we know more.

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    1. That was in the article. The scary part is that fairly large percentages of admitted patients had blood clot issues. Autopsies found many with micro clots throughout the body.

      That actor in NY that had his leg amputated suffered fro clots. And it is in the legs and feet where it shows up early.

      Some scientists think it is similar to Ebola and other hemorrhagic diseases in that clotting either goes rampant or stops.

      One thing for sure, this ain’t the common cold or seasonal flu. I wish FOX and Limbaugh would make retractions and plead for careful distancing rather that push for insurrections against governors. With their audience base they could be a big help. People listen to them.

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    2. You forgot more than we’ll ever know, but fluid is the lung tissue immune response. Build up of the fluid results when the little hair like thingy (cilia) can’t move it up and get it coughed out. It’s reasonable to think if you suppress the immune response just a little, the body can keep up with the flow, hence hydroyxchloroquine. Alas, oops, no.

      As for all else, I recall from my one involuntary hospital admission, that if O2 saturation drops to 90%, the body starts shutting down. When that happens all hell breaks loose. The longer the O2 sat stays at or below 90%, the more bad things happen. It would be reasonable to believe that anything that keeps the blood transporting, the better.

      Given the O2 levels, I can see why doctors might suspect that the virus is attacking other tissues too.

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      1. Like so many things, it’s more complicated.

        Yes, fluid buildup in the alveoli and brochioles is a big problem but there is also fluid buildup in the interstitial spaces, that is the tissue between the alveoli. When that tissue swells with fluid, it collapses the alveoli. And another lung problem is small blood clots in the arterioles that carry blood to the alveoli to be oxygenated.

        The jury is still out on HCQ, in that the studies that have been completed were on patients who were already deep into the inflammatory response. It re,mains to be seen if HCQ is effective when started as soon as the diagnosis is made.

        Remember that the very successful Tamiflu would be seen as a failure if it were only given to flu victims who were already at death’s door.

        The failure of HCQ in the studies out so far may be simply that it was started after the window for it to be effective had closed. Unfortunately, the FDA only allows it use on the patients already severely ill.


        1. Thank you, HCQ, much easier. The problem is that HCQ affects organs, on everyone. Most of us could take a therapeutic dose for RA, and our organs repair faster than the destruction. No problem. But the problem is O2sat. If I’m in the woods, and may crash, taking that dose can go either way. It’s the decision point. It would be irresponsible to give the drug to someone who may not need ventilation. It is, as shown, irresponsible to give it afterwards. It’s a small window. Possibly, too small to experiment to find.

          As for the FDA, their job, rules, is to keep the well meaning doctor from becoming an Accidental Mengele. The road to Hell and all, ya know. Took 40 years to end the Tuskegee experiment. But even with the rules, there were infants exposed to measles, and soldiers to radiation.


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