34 thoughts on “Why we failed.

  1. If you wade through that irrational diatribe, you can actually find the breadcrumbs that lead ou to the truth.

    Even in times of record high employment, especially for minorities, and middle class wages rising after decades of stagnation, ENTITLEMENT SPENDING CONTINUED TO GROW. With Entitlements costing more in both good times and bad, along with endless wars, everything else, including the legitimate functions of government, gets squeezed out of the budget.

    Entitlements are rigged to grow faster than the economy and thus tax receipts, no matter what else happens, and over time, Medicaid alone will grow to the point that even at maximum tax rates, there is nothing left for anything else discretionary.

    Libertarians and Tea Party activists don’t want to eliminate government, we want it to function effectively within the envelope of its legitimate functions, and that can only happen if the redistributionist entitlements are pared away.


    1. Pay a living wage and you won’t need as much in entitlements. And the delusion that middle class wages are actually growing is, not as factual as you would like to think. The Trump DOL changed the numbers used to determine wages, including things that are not put in the pockets of the workers directly. Trust me, wages are still stagnant. I get a larger COLA on my retirement and disability each year than I have seen in the past 12 years in the private sector.

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        1. @Tabor

          A cherry-picked time slice is not evidence of much except your ability to cherry-pick.

          The “important thing that you are missing” is that paying people less than they need to survive is not sustainable.

          You also seem to think that fiscal budget problems are not the direct and obvious consequence of unwise tax cutting. Just how unwise is now pretty obvious since the ability of the government to deal with an actual economic crisis has been hamstrung.

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        2. And inflation was higher than that. Therefore, real wages are stagnant or behind

          Did you ever ask Why? You just seeing it going up without seeing the reasons why they have to go up. More people who need assistance for food and housing. More people working more than one job and still not making ends meet. Your beautiful flowery market has only enriched those at the top while the rest of the country languished with the crumbs the rich grudgingly throw off their tables.

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          1. NOPE! They added in things that are NOT included in paychecks. Like the employers portion of health insurance…if provided. It has nothing to do with adjusting for inflation. It has everything to do with inflating the number to make Trump’s plans look good.

            Good effort though. Wrong answer. But a good effort nonetheless.

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        3. 42% of all jobs in America pay at or less than $15/hour. That is minimum wage or below considering most blue states are increasing the minimum to $15 over the next 3 or 4 years.

          Which is why so many that have low paying jobs with minimal benefits, if any, have got gig jobs that pay around $10-12/ hour. So they are working up to 80 hours/ week to feed and house the family.

          Most of our economy is service. And now these same minimum wage workers are “essential”.
          They weren’t essential before?

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    2. @Tabor

      Since capitalism as we practice it cannot provide a living wage to the people who actually do the work then, if you are rational and influenced by evidence, you would conclude that there is something wrong with capitalism as we practice it. It is time to get rid of our current dog’s breakfast of “entitlements” (actually subsidies for corporations who do not pay living wages) and replace them with UBI, Medicare-for-all and universal access to higher education and training.

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      1. Capitalism can provide a good living for responsible people.

        Nothing can provide a good living for irresponsible people, though socialism can provide the illusion that it can for a while.


        1. @Tabor

          You think the only people not earning a good living are irresponsible? With all due respect, that is pure ignorance and insulting to more than half of the people in this country who work hard and responsibly every day but do not make a good living. We are all going to find out in the weeks and months ahead just how broken it is.

          And by the way, your categorizing every sorely needed reform as “socialism” only shows that you do not know what socialism is.

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          1. Yes ignorant, insulting and simply wrong. A great many responsible people work VERY hard to barely (and sometimes don’t) to survive.

            Blanket and arrogant statements to the contrary are pompous, arrogant and indicative of a deeply flawed character.

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          2. That is not what I wrote. Responsible people do not make commitments they are unable to manage.

            Like not having children before you have a stable relationship and enough earnings to support them.

            Certainly bad things can happen, but for people who follow the rule of not having children until they are married or otherwise in a lasting relationship, and have worked long enough to be off the bottom rung of the ladder, extreme poverty is very rare.


        2. RE: “Nothing can provide a good living for irresponsible people, though socialism can provide the illusion that it can for a while.”

          Truer words have never been written. Fortunately, people can change their behavior, and many do. But once people give away control of their lives, it becomes almost impossible to get it back.


          1. So they should give away control of their lives to the corporations that are in charge? Oh wait. Citizen United tells us that corporations are people too. And they can be just as arrogant, mean spirited, and unempathetic as actual individuals.


          2. RE: “So they should give away control of their lives to the corporations that are in charge?”

            Do you really believe that having a job is synonymous with giving away control of your life? I don’t. Quite the opposite, in fact.


          3. If you work for one of the conglomerates that limits where you can go, what you can earn and anything else they decide, then it is no better. It is just a different master. And one that tend to be more malevolent.


          4. RE: “If you work for one of the conglomerates that limits where you can go, what you can earn and anything else they decide, then it is no better.”

            If you work for an employer like that, and can’t abide the experience, just quit. What’s the point of pretending that no one has choices?


          5. …” just quit.”…

            Would that not be the height of irresponsibility? Quitting a good paying job because you don’t like management? Hypocratic balderdash.


          1. “Poverty does not strike all demographics equally. For example, in 2018, 10.6% of men, and 12.9% of women lived in Poverty USA. Along the same lines, the poverty rate for married couples in 2018 was only 4.7% – but the poverty rate for single-parent families with no wife present was 12.7%, and for single-parent families with no husband present was 24.9%.”


            No unicorns required, just a spouse.


          2. Having been raised by a single mother, after my parents divorced, I guess my mother was doomed unless she found another man to take care of her and her 2 teenage sons. Yeah. Good luck with that.

            Not taking into account divorce, just another way to stroke your unicorn.

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          1. Between 40 and 50 people read this blog every day, though only 6 or 7 comment regularly.

            Paul will never see beyond his hatred and prejudice, but others might get something out of the exchange.

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          2. @Tabor

            Paul will never see beyond his hatred and prejudice?

            I do hope others get something out of the exchange and what I hope they get is the truth which without someone to point out the lies and nonsense posted by actual bigots and Trump apologists might get a pass in the smoke being blown.

            Out of curiosity, what hatred and prejudice do you think I will not get past? If it is hatred of lying liars undermining the foundations of civil politics, maybe you have something there.

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        3. Regarding real wage increases.

          “At $23.38, today’s average hourly earnings exceed the longtime peak dating back to February 1973 by 5 cents. Back then, workers had earned $4.05 an hour, which translates to $23.33 in 2019 dollars.”


          Of course this is average, not median. Median wages are about $18/hour. That means half of our jobs pay less, or about a 20% decrease, of the average since 1973.

          When that many jobs, essential we find out, don’t pay much, the economy is on shaky legs. And we wonder why we have entitlements to keep people’s heads above water. Adding to the problem are tax cuts designed to destroy the safety nets, but still keeping wages low and flat.

          We are on our way to a banana republic status if the right wing had its way.

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