More scapegoating.

The WHO declared a global pandemic on January 30th but somehow it is their fault that the country suffering the most is the one ruled by Trump. Yeah, sure.

In a rare moment of truth telling Trump got it right on March 13th when he said “I don’t take responsibility at all.” That was about the failure of the United States compared to other countries to roll out effective testing but it is true of everything that does wrong. It is ALWAYS someone else’s fault.

7 thoughts on “More scapegoating.

  1. It is painfully obvious he is mentally ill.

    I used to not believe that people raised in our culture could convince themselves to join a cult and be deluded into willfully harming themselves.

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    1. Jim Jones.

      Don Trump.

      Same number of letters.

      Kool Aid…check.

      Tropical Estate…check.

      Foreign holdings…check.

      Cult following…check.

      OMG, this is a bit disconcerting. (Cue Twilight Zone music.)


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    1. RE: “What would be the point of supporting an organization that is anti-health?”

      None, obviously. Well put.


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