A question has been answered . . .

. . . Yes, it appears I will be boo-hooing every time I watch the last round of last year’s Masters.

Today should have been “Sunday at the Masters”, but that wasn’t to be. Major THANKS to CBS for running last year’s full Sunday round.

Hopefully, the MASTERS will be played in Nov. & Tiger will be able defend his title. Can’t wait!

10 thoughts on “A question has been answered . . .

  1. Even without the azaleas it will be lovely.

    Always watch the final round with my oldest and dearest golf buddies and we bet on virtually everything when it’s Sunday at Augusta.

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    1. Master’s Sunday, Open Championship, US Open are all must see TV in the Green household. If not at work, the boy-child and I enjoy the play, make side bets, and enjoy the father-son time. My wife just sits back and enjoys the show…not the one on TV, but the banter between father and son.

      Unless I am at MY father’s house for Father’s Day/Birthday (they fall around the same time) with my brother. Play an early 9, then enjoy the show.


  2. No azaleas?!

    Hey, here’s an idea. Take sheets of toilet paper, dye them pink, purple and other azalea colors and spray them into the bushes. Hell, I know half dozen old classmates from high school who could do the job in a day… well, night. They worked better at night.

    Ya known what I always wanted to do? Rent a C-130, fill it to capacity with ping-pong balls, and overfly Augusta National on Sunday….

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    1. “Rent a C-130, fill it to capacity with ping-pong balls, and overfly Augusta National on Sunday…“

      Some things we just DON’T joke about….

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