Can I please get my cancellation fee refunded?

I recently cancelled my planned trip to NYC. We were taking the train up on Saturday and returning on Monday. A quick hit visit to visit Dad and see the new musical DIANA, with my step other in the roles of QEII and Barbra Cartland. Show is on hold and taking a train in to the heart of Manhattan just doesn’t seem prudent at this time.

When I cancelled the train tickets, I was given an e-voucher for when we do go. However I was charged a $75 cancellation fee. Considering the circumstances, I felt like this was a way for AMTRAK to stay semi-solvent during the downturn in travel. (Not to mention the restrictions.) And now they get $1 Billion in bail out money?

It sure would be nice if they would add the $75 back on to my voucher. (FFC of that)

And yes, the partnership between the government and AMTRAK seems pretty backwards. The government should be responsible for the tracks (infrastructure that replaces the Post Roads of continental times) but not the solvency, which the government subsidizes.

3 thoughts on “Can I please get my cancellation fee refunded?

  1. It’s a shame we can’t get high speed rail in areas like the Northeast Corridor.

    A bullet train could take you to midtown Manhattan in a few hours instead of to airports with all their “baggage” of check ins, traffic jams, delays, etc.

    Plus they are capable of large passenger loads.


    1. If I wanted to fly, I would have gotten plane tickets. I can drive there faster than the train can get me there.

      I did the trip in November to see what it was like, having never taken a train outside of Disney World and Busch Gardens. It was enjoyable without the stress of driving or being crammed into an economy seat (at 6’3″ and well over 220 pounds with long legs…you get the picture) and CHEAPER than a round trip ticket into Newark (staying at Dad’s in NJ). My wife was going to be going as well and wanted to try it for herself. It was an opportunity to travel together with neither one having to drive, be able to get up and walk around a bit without driving hips or elbows into the heads of fellow travelers, and enjoy the scenery.

      PS I NEVER fly into NY unless it is unavoidable. I can drive there in 6 hours and change. Plus, no flights to EWR on desired dates. And Untied is the only airline out of ORF that flies into Newark. And NO direct flights to LGA. From ANY of the three airlines that fly to the NY metro airports. And all of the costs were $20+ higher than the train.


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