8 thoughts on “Cafe Heyek: Answer Me This…

    1. I suspect that those who complain about low flow appliances are the first to squawk about the rising cost of water treatment plant fees.

      Recall the classic one minute Navy shower?

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    2. Missing the point again.

      Low flow faucets, toilets, and appliances may make sense in California or Nevada, but they are absurd in Louisiana.

      The low flow standard was forced on the nation 80% of which has no need of it, in order to compel manufacturers to make only that one product. Had they been required only where they make sense, they would have been much more expensive per unit.

      So, my daughter needshalf an hour to wash her hair, even though we are on well water, so that Californians can have cheap shower heads. (well at least she did until I re-engineered it)

      One size fits all only if we are all the same size.


      1. You have a well. Not everyone one does. Arizona, New Mexico, and a lot of other places have water supply issues. And with the regulations being relaxed on poisoning what water we do have is not helpful in the water situation.


      2. Re-engineering is a piece of cake. I have done that too.

        Yet, even in Tidewater, we are dependent upon a huge aquifer that is actually lowering from the large amounts of water we draw here. Subsidence has been attributed to some of that. And that in itself is another issue.

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        1. Yeah, we have no water pressure (By U.S. standards) down in the Caribbean casa; it took 10 minutes and 2 bucks worth of material to create enough to do dishes and shower with no issues.

          Silly on steroids….


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