About that November warning

ABC dept of Fake News

No such report ever existed. ABC simply made it up to harm Trump.

The first mention in an intelligence briefing  of a new virus in China was in early January, and that was not a threat warning for spread to the US.

18 thoughts on “About that November warning

  1. ABC has not responded yet have they?

    I had not heard that story myself. But if it is total fabrication, that is bad.

    So far the earliest notification seems to have been that phone call from Mr. Gao, China’s CDC Chief to our CDC Chief warning of a spreading epidemic in Wuhan. That was January 3.

    I imagine we’ll hear more soon.

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    1. I think there is a lot more to the story than that ABC just made it all up.

      If you think about it, people who watch media other than just FOX, will also watch many different outlets. Despite what some folks seem to think, the MSM doesn’t meet secretly in the Adirondacks and decide what to write.

      I can see how a report might get sidelined, especially in this administration which is a bit chaotic.

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        1. @Tabor

          If they fell for a hoax then it was one perpetrated by a person in a position of responsibility inside the Trump government. That is possible. More likely there was some sort of miscommunication between a source and the reporter about the nature of this “report” and/or who provided it.

          Your theory that this – maybe – erroneous story was cut from whole cloth by a reputable new organization flies in the face of experience. Such a thing has hardly ever actually been done by a group of this stature. Errors? A few. Followed by retractions.

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          1. I agree that it is unlikely ABC started from scratch.

            The much more likely scenario is that they fell for a false story, but not from within the Trump administration. That is your TDS talking.

            Back during the Nixon years, a sociologist started a rumor that the President engaged in a perversion of flagellating frogs. On college campuses where Nixon was unpopular, the rumor spread rapidly and was sincerely believed to be true. Where Nixon was popular, it was seen as ridiculous.

            I think ABC simply wanted a ‘gotcha’ so badly it would believe anything.


          2. “I think ABC simply wanted a ‘gotcha’ so badly it would believe anything.”

            A baseless claim strictly because you don’t like media outlets that don’t feed into your narrative. It is probably more about a “scoop”, which is common among all news organizations. The difference is, when they get it wrong, they own up to it.

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          3. @Tabor

            You started well by admitting to realistic probabilities but then you go off the rail with your accusation of TDS – which you, not I, suffer from.

            Again with reference to reality, if this story was from some random person and not from someone “in a position of responsibility inside the Trump government” it is very unlikely to have been reported.

            As for your Nixon anecdote, it certain has the ring of truth. With everything that Trump has said and known to have done, there is almost no story too preposterous to be dismissed out of hand.

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          4. @Adam
            I think Trump was referring to “D” for Derangement. He was applying the old GOP trick of accusing opponents of the very thing that applies to you. Good recent example of that tactic is Der Trumpenfuhrer trying to accuse the Joe Biden family of corruption.

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  2. A little more info:

    “This is a curious report, because all the previous public reports have relied on the British medical journal The Lancet, which identified the first “index case” as showing symptoms for the first time on December 1, 2019. That likely points to infections spreading in November, but no source inside or outside of China has previously reported visible signs of the virus prior to December 1. As recently as yesterday, ABC’s own timeline identified the outbreak as beginning in Wuhan in December. But if the new report (which cites no named sources or publicly available documents) can be believed, the outbreak was sufficiently publicly detectable that U.S. intelligence was already aware of it.”


    This does not confirm or deny a US intelligence memo or report, of course. Yet if a public medical journal knew of a virus on December 1, then it lends credence to the idea that military intelligence might , or should, have known also. And, as noted in the article, that the problem arose before that, in November, for it to come to the Lancet’s attention. And public knowledge at least among the medical community.

    Then it becomes an issue of if our military intelligence didn’t know what the private publication knew and published, why not?

    News at 11.

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  3. The ABC fabrication is just the latest example of the fakestream media being focused on “getting” Mr Trump, rather than providing useful information.

    Heck, they have literally declared a jihad on reporting anything positive re hydroxychloroquine and have convinced many on the left that it is actually fish-tank cleaner.

    These so-called journalists are utterly useless.


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